The Irie Blue Hole is a hidden secret of the country of Jamaica near Ocho Rios. Situated up within the mountains found above the bustling resort center of Ocho Rios, the Blue Hole is truly a breath of fresh air on the island. The hidden spot isn’t an official tourist attraction listed with the Jamaican Tourist Board, but this is actually part of what makes the secret gem of Jamaica so special. There are no annoying vendors to bother visitors, no lines to wait int, and it’s a reasonable price to visit the hidden Blue Hole. Visitors can simply enjoy the amazing waterfall’s magic and the cool waters of the natural swimming pools.

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Found within the hills of the island, the Blue Hole in Jamaica is also called the Secret Falls or the Irie Blue Hole. Jamaica’s hidden secret is located on the borders of the St. Mary parish and the St. Ann parish, approximately twenty-five minutes away from the resort area of Ocho Rios. The Irie Blue Hole has consistently been ranked as one of the top things to see and do in Ocho Rios on Tripadvisor. It’s definitely a sight that visitors should consider adding to their list of attractions to visit when they’re visiting the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica. There are many different Blue Hole tours for visitors to choose from for their visit to the hidden waterfall and pools.

The Irie Blue Hole near the Ocho Rios resort area on the island of Jamaica is made up of two different sections. First, there’s the main section of the Blue Hole that features turquoise blue waters just asking for visitors to jump in the natural pool for a swim. The view is almost amazing. Visitors who are a bit more on the adventurous side and looking for some thrills can use the Tarzan swing at the hidden pool to swing themselves into the blue waters. The Irie Blue Hole is a place where guests can relax and simply take in the beauty that’s surrounding them.

The second area of Jamaica’s Blue is the section with the waterfall. This magical waterfall measures around twenty feet high. The area includes a path visitors can use that runs along a river, and brings guests back to the river further upstream. Visitors can reach the beautiful waterfall via a seven-minute walk from the Irie Blue Hole.

Visitors are technically supposed to be led by a guide when visiting the Irie Blue Hole, however they can also explore the hidden gem on their own. If guests are just planning on walking down the area’s paths and don’t intend on doing any swimming, a guide isn’t exactly necessary. If visitors plan on crossing the river or going for a swim, it’s recommended that they hire a Blue Hole guide or join a tour. The rocks of the natural pool are often slippery. Guides can let visitors know where the best area are for them to swim. Even if guests aren’t planning on swimming, a guide can be beneficial for first time visitors.

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