Hope Zoo is situated within Kingston’s resort area on the island of Jamaica. The zoo is home to approximately nine hundred animals, consisting of around sixty different species, these include endemic, indigenous, and endangered species from the Americas, Africa, and Jamaica. Among the several exhibits and attractions at the zoo, Lucas the Lion is particularly popular with visitors. He was a much anticipated addition to the zoo’s numerous animal residents.

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In the year 1968, the Hope Zoo of Kingston, Jamaica first opened its doors to visitors. The vision behind the zoo’s design was for it to be a Central American and Caribbean zoo, providing guests with an opportunity to see many different species of animals from these regions. The aim of the zoo was to exhibit as wide of a variety in species as possible for the small zoo.

The management of the Hope Zoo is handled by the Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation. The organization strives to closely stick to its master plan, the plan that was commissioned and provided funding by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica. The master plan was designed by Ursa International and zoo architects from other parts of the world. The concept of the zoo is circled around an idea that the zoo’s collection of animals, as well as the associated components, are displayed to share a story with visitors that is relevant to their experience in Jamaica.

Three different anima exhibit areas came about from the zoo’s concept layout for exhibits: American Jungle, Jamaican Paradise, and African Outpost. The American Jungle area represents the journey of many people from the Americas to the island of Jamaica. The exhibit area is intended to highlights the translocation experience for the majority of Jamaicans by viewing various species of animals from unknown areas. The American Jungle features several species of primates, along with exotic parrots and more.

The Jamaican Paradise exhibit area at Hope Zoo features a variety of local animals, those that are found natively throughout the island of Jamaica. The hope is to bring about a sense ownership and pride in the people of Jamaica for what is unique to the country. However, the more important goal is to provide a quick glimpse into where Jamaica is now as a group of people. The African Outpost area reflects the past of Jamaica and its people, as well as how the experiences of the past has helped shape the country, influencing the folklore, food, and more. This exhibit area features animals like the zebra, ostrich, and African lion among other species found in Africa.

Visitors at Hope Zoo can also take advantage of a guided tour to get a more in depth zoo experience. Guests can enjoy an exciting, educational, and in-depth experience designed for a group in order to learn even more about the many different species of animals on display at the zoo. Guided tours are geared more so around school group, and can be customized to meet the needs of the ages of visitors, as well as curriculums.

Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica, Phone: 876-927-1085

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