A trip to explore the Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica is an adventure into the charm of a mysterious underground cavern. The green cavern of adventure and mystery is a dream of any speleologist, a part of the history of the island of Jamaica, and a unique experience for a different kind of Caribbean vacation. These are just some of the ways to describe the Green Grotto Caves, the widely unexplored maze of mysterious underground caverns.

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The pristine waters of the Green Grotto Caves are supplied by the cavern’s secret depths. These underground caves are surrounded by lush vegetation as well. Such solace and privacy can be found inside the mystical underground caverns, that history is often associated with a variety of groups of inhabitants of the area. The first inhabitants of the caves, the Arawak Indians, used these caverns for a number of different purposes. Proof of these people using the Green Grotto Caves is evident through the numerous fragments of artifacts and pottery that has been uncovered in the underground caverns over the years.

In the seventeenth century, invaders from England arrived on the Caribbean isle of Jamaica. The Spaniards used the Green Grotto Caves as a place to hide from the invaders who were trying to drive them out of Jamaica. During the middle of the twentieth century, during the time between World War I and World War II, smugglers used the undergrounds caverns to run arms to the island of Cuba. During the latter years of World War II, the country of Jamaica’s government used the entrance to the caves as a storeroom for barrels of rum.

The Green Grotto Caves is one of the most prominent natural attractions in Jamaica. The mystical underground caverns have been known at different points in history as the Cave Hall Caves, Rum Caves, Runaway Bay Caves, Discovery Bay Caves, Dairy Caves, Hopewell Caves, and Dry Harbour Caves. The government of the country has recognized the caves’ unlimited potential over time, and has place the caverns into the ownerships as well as operation of the Urban Development Corporation and then the St. Ann Development Company. Since then, the mysterious caves have become a world-class attraction drawing in visitors from throughout the world.

Located on 25.9 hectares along the stunning North Coast of the island of Jamaica, the Green Grotto Caves are situated between the two resort areas of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. The underground caverns are located to the east approximately four kilometers away from Runaway Bay, and two the west about 3.2 kilometers away from Discovery Bay. The feature at the heart of this mysterious natural attraction is its massive labyrinth-like limestone cave. This large underground cave features numerous overhead ceiling pockets, stalagmites, stalactites, bats, and unique rock formations. The Green Grotto is about twelve meters in depth and approximately 1,525 meters in total length. The cave is characterized by a multitude of light holes and chambers, as well as the Grotto Lake, a subterranean lake, that occupies the bowels of the cavern.

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