The Devon House on a lush eleven-acre property within the country of Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston. This stately mansion was the home of George Stiebel, the first black millionaire in Jamaica. The house was constructed in the year 1881 on grounds of a property that was once fifty-one acres in size. The Devon House is considered to be on of the leading and finest heritage sites on the island of Jamaica.

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People visiting the historical Devon House can take a step back in time as they tour the Great House, built in the Georgian-style. The mansion is one of the most celebrated landmarks of Jamaica, due to its cultural diversity and rich history. The Georgian-style manor was constructed on an estate that was known as Devon Penn at one time. The home’s interior furnishing include an assortment of antiques from the Caribbean region, and Jamaica in particular, that date back to the nineteenth century. The Devon House shares the story of the privileged West Indian society during the Victorian era. The ballroom of the mansion still features the original chandelier from England that was bought for the room by George Stiebel.

The Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica is a finely crafted wooden home, however, what’s more outstanding is the story of the man who built the house, whose background made its particularly difficult for him to climb to the success he achieved. George Stiebel was the son of a German-Jewish merchant and a black housekeeper. He worked as a gun-runner, shipper, and carpenter, and eventually made his millions from investing in the gold mines in the country of Venezuela. Stiebel bought a total of ninety-nine properties on the island of Jamaica, which included the Devon Penn property.

Some of the best restaurants, shops, and confectioneries in the country of Jamaica are housed today within the property’s kitchen, old stables, and several other buildings. The flagship store of Devon House I Scream, the premier ice cream makers in all of Jamaica, is located at Devon House. There are several other great places to grab a snack or a meal at the historic property as well.

The government of the country of Jamaica stepped in when it became aware of the plans to demolish the historic Devon House. It stopped all of the negotiations concerning the demolishment of the stately Georgian mansion when it placed a restriction order on the house under the country’s National Trust Act. Tom Concannon, an architect from England, took on the restoration of the nineteenth-century stately manor with a sense of urgency. Tom Concannon has been involved in several restoration projects for other notable national landmarks in Jamaica, including the Rose Hall Great House, the Naval Hospital in the town of Port Royal, and several buildings in Spanish Town, the old capital of Jamaica.

On the 23rd of January in 1968, the Devon House was officially opened. Tour are now available for visitors to fully explore the stately mansion, offering a look at the Ballroom, Drawing Room, Dining Room, and much more. Some tours offered to guests include a sample of food from one of the several dining places on the property.

26 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica, Phone: 876-926-0815

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