Aruba is a beautiful Dutch-owned island in the Caribbean located off the coast of Venezuela that is known for its year-round sunny, dry weather and European-influenced architecture and cities. The resort island is home to some of the Earth's most spectacular beaches, including the stunning white sand Eagle Beach.

Public beach facilities at tourist areas such as Oranjestad and San Nicolas offer beach volleyball courts, watersport equipment rentals, and convenient access to shopping, dining, and nightlife attractions, while secluded spots in areas such as Arikok National Park provide a respite from tourist traps and showcase the region's natural beauty. Many area touring companies offer snorkeling, diving, and kayaking expeditions at area beaches, giving visitors a chance to experience the marine life of the region up close.

1. Andicuri Beach

Andicuri Beach
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Andicuri Beach is one of Aruba's prime spots for bodyboarding, located on the island's windward coastline near the collapsed limestone triple-arch Natural Bridge. Though the beach is a popular recreation spot for local residents, it is relatively isolated from tourist crowds, making it a great secluded spot for beachgoers to explore.

Dramatic coral stone bluffs surround the beach's sandy cove, providing shade and shelter for the beachfront area. The beach is the site of several annual bodyboarding competitions due to its strong surf and excellent wave conditions. Visitors should note that no public amenities are offered along the beach and that both driving and barbecuing are forbidden on beach premises.

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2. Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach
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Arashi Beach, also known as Arasji Beach, is a popular beachfront settlement on Aruba's northwestern tip, located within the Noord district near Malmok and the California Lighthouse. The beautiful white sand beach is a favorite local beach that is great for family recreational activities, including swimming and sunbathing. It is also a prime spot for snorkeling and scuba diving within the Caribbean, home to abundant populations of underwater marine life, with gentle currents providing safe water conditions. The Blue Flag-certified beach is a member of the Aruba Reef Care Project, striving to promote eco-friendly behaviors among beachgoers. Beach huts and lounge chair rentals are offered, along with a lively bar showcasing periodic live music performances.

3. Baby Beach

Baby Beach
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Baby Beach, Aruba is a tranquil 600-meter beach and cove within the southern Aruba area known as the Colony, formerly operated as a gated community for Lago Refinery executives and their families. Today, it has been converted into one of Aruba's most fabulous public beaches, surrounding a gorgeous natural lagoon showcasing pristine blue Caribbean waters. Warm water conditions make the area excellent for beginner snorkelers, with opportunities to view marine life such as sea horses and baby squids and tropical fish such as butterfly fish, yellowtail grouper, and barracuda. Snorkel equipment rentals are offered, along with a snack bar, restaurant, and cabana rentals. Visitors should note that the beach can get congested during peak weekend times and are advised to visit during off hours and days to avoid crowds.

4. Bachelors Beach

Bachelors Beach
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Bachelors Beach, Aruba, also known as Boca Tabla, is a small 300-meter beach along Aruba's rough southeastern coastline, located near Boca Grandi. The quiet and private beach is a prime spot for visitors looking to windsurf or kitesurf away from tourist crowds, located approximately half an hour from the hotel zone in San Nicolas. Due to everpresent northeastern trade winds causing constant strong waves, swimming and snorkeling are not recommended at the beach. However, visitors looking for a secluded, undeveloped getaway will love its ambiance and natural feel. Visitors should note that no visitor amenities are offered at the beach, including public restrooms, and should plan accordingly with food and supplies before embarking on trips.

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5. Barcadera Beach

Barcadera Beach
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Barcadera Beach is a secluded 400-meter beach that is located southeast of the city of Oranjestad and the Queen Beatrix International Airport, near the city of Balashi and Barcadera Port. The fine white sand beach is home to dune formations and mangrove vegetation, offering stunning calm water conditions and ocean views. Shallow, clear waters make for great swimming and snorkeling opportunities, with light trade winds offering good conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing throughout most of the year. Drift diving along the nearby Barcadera Reef is also a popular visitor activity, with opportunities to spot marine life such as barracudas, moray eels, and French angelfish. Visitors should note that the beach does not offer public amenities, including restrooms or showers, and should plan accordingly before embarking on trips.

6. Black Stone Beach

Black Stone Beach
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Black Stone Beach is Aruba's only black sand beach, populated with beautiful shimmering black stones created by water erosion along nearby shore rocks and cliffs. The beach is located near Andicuri Beach and offers an opportunity to see a spectacular triple-arch limestone natural bridge formation at nearby Arikok National Park. Swimming and snorkeling are not recommended at the site due to strong currents and waves, though its tranquil beachfront makes for great conditions for beach strolling and picnics. The beach is also located well off the beaten path of major tourist beach areas, perfect for visitors looking for a secluded getaway from crowds. Visitors should note that no public amenities are offered at the beach, including restrooms or showers, and should plan accordingly before embarking on trips.

7. Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina
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Boca Catalina is a lovely private bay within the Malmok Beach area, located less than a five-minute drive from Palm Beach's resort area near the California Lighthouse. The pristine white sand beach offers calm water conditions and easy oceanfront access, making it an ideal spot for visitors traveling with families in tow. Swimming and snorkeling are popular for visitors of all ages, with ample public parking available on the nearby roadside. During weekdays, the beach is extremely secluded, with makeshift beach huts available for relaxation and shade. On the weekends, the beach attracts a lively mix of tourists and area residents, but retains its hidden-away local feel.

8. Boca Grandi

Boca Grandi
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Boca Grandi is one of Aruba's premiere spots for kitesurfing and windsurfing, spanning 750 meters just north of the Bachelors Beach area. The narrow white sand beach is located approximately half an hour from the island's hotel zone and is a great spot to watch experienced windsurfers and kitesurfers take to the air or to try your hand at the activities in a trusted, popular environment. Due to eastern trade winds and large waves, swimming and snorkeling are not recommended at the beach, though it serves as one of the island's most popular beachcombing sites. Visitors should note that no public amenities are offered at the beach, including restrooms or showers, and should plan accordingly prior to trips.

9. Boca Prins

Boca Prins
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Boca Prins is a small 55-meter beach located within Arikok National Park within the Boca Prins Bay on Aruba's eastern coast. Visitors should note that due to high waves and strong currents creating dangerous water conditions, swimming and snorkeling are strongly discouraged at the beach, though surfing is permitted under certain water conditions. Plenty of fun remains on the shoreline, though, as the area offers ample beautiful photo opportunities and opportunities for beachcombing and beach strolling. Several trailheads at the beach travel into Arikok National Park, traversing sand dunes and passing natural wildlife. No public facilities are maintained at the beach, so visitors should plan accordingly.

10. Daimari Beach, Aruba

Daimari Beach, Aruba
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Daimari Beach is a well-known beach located approximately four kilometers north of Dos Playa, renowned as a site for horseback riding tours at the nearby 16th-century Daimari Ranch coconut plantation. The 100-by-175-meter beach is approximately a 20-minute drive from Oranjestad and features a beautiful cove enclosed within a limestone coastline. As wave conditions can be very high and northeastern trade winds are everpresent, swimming and snorkeling are not advised at the beach due to unsafe water conditions. No public facilities are present at the beach, though Daimari Ranch offers restrooms and refreshment areas for attraction visitors. Visitors should note that due to ranch horseback tours, the beach can become very crowded during peak times, so visiting during weekdays or morning or evening hours is recommended for a more secluded experience.

11. Dos Playa

Dos Playa
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Dos Playa is a famed surfing spot within Arikok National Park, located approximately 1.5 kilometers from Boca Prins. The 200-meter beach showcases ever-changing sands due to strong northeastern trade winds and is one of Aruba's most secluded beaches, favored by local residents for its prime conditions for surfing and bodyboarding. As one of the most beautiful beaches on Aruba's northeastern coastline, the beach is located in a bay surrounded by impressive cliffs and offers swells of up to four feet, with nearly constant surfable waves. Swimming and snorkeling are not recommended due to strong wave conditions, and the beach is difficult to access and lacking in amenities, but the amazing surf conditions are more than worth the journey.

12. Druif Beach

Druif Beach
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Druif Beach is a beautiful public beach in a heavily-touristed area not far downtown Oranjestad, home to beautiful low-rise resorts within the nearby Eagle Beach Area. The oval-shaped beach showcases brilliant ivory sands and offers crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming and aqua jogging in a safe, tourist-friendly environment. Opportunities for watersports abound, including bodyboarding and surfing. Nearby, a beach volleyball field provides opportunities for more outdoor recreation, with ample space for beach lounging and sunbathing. Many native pelicans can be viewed lounging on poles within the beach's water, adding to its picturesque charm. Whether you're in the mood for a full day of beachfront fun or an evening stroll near your resort, Druif Beach is a perfect spot for visitors looking to experience the beauty of the Caribbean without the hassle of travel to remote beach locations.

13. Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach
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Eagle Beach is the 2017 winner of the TripAdvisor Traveler Award for the world's best beach, boasting a wide coastline area and pristine soft white sands. The beautiful Caribbean beach is home to two of Aruba's most-photographed fofoti trees, which have been used in many photography and advertising campaigns over the years. Four species of sea turtles also nest on the beach, which is flanked by a number of low-rise resort hotels. Beach tennis is popular with tourists and residents alike throughout the year, with beach camping reaching peak popularity as an annual Easter week tradition. Beach huts are offered for visitor use, with ample public parking available nearby.

14. Hadicurari Beach, Aruba

Hadicurari Beach, Aruba
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Hadicurari Beach, Aruba, also known as the fishermen's huts, is a 300-meter public beach located between Malmok and Palm Beaches along Aruba's northwestern coastline. The beautiful beach is the site of a number of local fishermen's huts that are used for boat and equipment shelter and storage throughout the year. Each June and July, the Caribbean's largest windsurfing event is held at the beach, drawing many competitors and spectators. Kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling are also popular visitor activities, with great shallow and calm water conditions for swimming for visitors of all ages. Trailheads for jogging and mountain biking are also offered, extending toward the California Lighthouse to the north. Visitors can easily access the beach on public transit via the Hadicurari Beach Arubus Stop.

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15. Grapefield Beach

Grapefield Beach
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Grapefield Beach, Aruba is a lovely secluded beach located north of Boca Grandi, spanning approximately 600 meters near Rincon Bay. The beach gained its name due to abundant sea grape plants that populated the area in the past, which served as popular fruit-picking areas for local residents and visitors. Though many of the plants have been depopulated in the region, some plantings still exist and are accessible for picking to visitors willing to search for them. The beach is a popular surf spot, with wooden shacks available along the beachfront for surfer use. Due to trade winds and current conditions, swimming and snorkeling are not recommended at the beach for safety. Visitors should note that no public amenities are offered at the beach and should wear protective beach shoes due to the area's coastline.

16. Iguana Beach

Iguana Beach
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Iguana Beach is a private beach located on Renaissance Island, which is primarily operated for guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. Hotel guests can reach the island and beach via a free daily boat taxi that operates between 7:00am and 7:00pm, while non-guests can purchase upgrade Renaissance day passes for exploration of the island for an additional fee. The quaint family-friendly beach is located along the island's southwestern end and is named for its abundant populations of iguanas, which may be interacted with as part of daily hotel-arranged family-friendly feeding sessions. Swimming and snorkeling are popular visitor activities, with complimentary beach chairs and towels offered for hotel guest use. Food and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the Mangrove Beach Bar and the Papagayo Bar and Grill.

17. Malmok Beach, Aruba

Malmok Beach, Aruba
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Malmok Beach is perhaps Aruba's best spot for snorkeling, located approximately three kilometers from Palm Beach just past the hotel zone on Aruba's northern coastline. The 700-meter beach is home to a number of Aruba snorkel touring companies, which offer opportunities to explore the beach's surrounding waters as part of guided excursions. Visitors can also snorkel solo and interact with tropical dolphins, fishes, and other marine life, though early-morning snorkeling is recommended to avoid large crowds. Ample public parking is available, with cabana rentals offered for an additional fee. A number of beautiful resorts in the area offer easy access to the beach, including the Malmok Beach Hotel and the Villa Bougainvillea.

18. Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto
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Mangel Halto is a secluded beach spot in Aruba that offers calm, shallow waters that are brimming with Caribbean marine life, populated throughout by a network of mangroves. The beach is a perfect spot for visitors looking to sunbathe and relax in privacy, with public beach huts available for relaxation and shaded picnic spots offered for day use. A wooden sundeck is also available, along with mangrove access for SUP boarding and open water kayaking. Shore divers can explore the surrounding coastal reef, which is home to octopuses, barracuda, and morays. From the shoreline, visitors can walk up to the edge of the reef to observe tropical fish, sponges, and anemones.

19. Palm Beach, Aruba

Palm Beach, Aruba
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Palm Beach is one of Aruba's primary tourist districts, located approximately six kilometers from its capital city of Oranjestad. The region was the historic home of the Caquetios indigenous people and was discovered by Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda in 1499. Since the mid-2oth century, it has been home to luxury hotels and shopping districts, including high-rise resorts such as the Aruba Marriott Resort, Ritz Carlton Resort, and Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino. In addition to its namesake famed white sand beach, the region is also home to Hadicurari, Boca Catalina, and Arashi Beaches, which all offer excellent conditions for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, and paddleboarding.

20. Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach
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Rodgers Beach is a small 265-meter beach located slightly northwest of Baby Beach within the beautiful Sint Nicolaasbaai, or Saint Nicolas Bay. Compared to its neighboring beach, the beach is significantly less crowded and more secluded, but lacks some of the visitor amenities nearby. Perfect conditions for swimming and snorkeling are offered throughout the year, with interesting views offered of the nearby San Nicolas oil refinery. Opportunities for scuba diving are also offered at the beach's crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Visitors should plan ahead before traveling to the beach, as public restrooms, showers, and rental equipment are not offered at the beach.

21. Santo Largo Beach, Aruba

Santo Largo Beach, Aruba
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Santo Largo Beach is a popular family beach near the Savaneta and Mangel Halto suburban regions of San Nicolas, located at Commandeurs Baai. The 250-meter beach showcases pristine, shallow turquoise waters with calm water conditions, making it a great spot for swimmers of all ages ability levels. Ample space is offered for picnics and other day-use relaxation away from crowds at beaches nearer to Oranjestad and San Nicolas' city centers. Public parking is offered nearby, with an Arubus bus stop provided for public transit. Visitors should note that the beach receives little natural shade, so beach umbrellas are recommended. Several kayaking adventure companies also offer guided excursions to the area surrounding the beach.

22. Savaneta Beach, Aruba

Savaneta Beach, Aruba
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Savaneta Beach is a secluded beach along Aruba's southern coastline, located adjacent to Santo Largo Beach and Commandeurs Baai. Though the beach is only 50 meters long, it attracts many local residents throughout the weekends, but on weekdays, visitors can often enjoy an almost-private beachfront experience. Popular visitor activities include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and bait fishing, with plenty of room available for beachcombing, beach strolling, and sunbathing. For a more private picnicking experience, visitors are welcome to bring packed lunches and coolers to enjoy at the beachfront. The beach is accessible via Route 1 and Savaneta Road from Oranjestad and is serviced by the Savaneta Arubus Bus Stop.

23. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach
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Surfside Beach is a family-favorite beach located two miles from Aruba's Queen Beatrix International Airport, located within a tourist-friendly area offering shopping and dining experiences for visitors of all ages. The beach is lined with beautiful Kwihi trees and provides fantastic views of cruise ships and local fishing boats along the region's coastline. Nearly-flat waters make for excellent SUP boarding and swimming conditions, with long stretches of beachfront available for picnics and beach play. Oranjestad's linear city park is located adjacent to the beach, with many upscale restaurants and nightlife options available nearby, including the Reflexions Beach Club, Barefoot, and Pincho's. A dive school is also offered at the beach, along with the waterfront Surfside Beach Bar, which offers snacks and alcoholic beverages.

24. Wariruri Beach

Wariruri Beach
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Wariruri Beach is a beautiful 60-by-60-meter beach known for its excellent fishing and surfing conditions, located near Alto Vista on the island's eastern coast. The beach is perfect for visitors looking for a respite from crowded tourist waterfront areas and is a favorite among residential surfers because of its strong currents and waves. Due to water conditions, swimming and snorkeling are not permitted at the beach, but hiking opportunities are available nearby. As the beach is best accessed with four-wheel-drive vehicles, visitors looking to explore the area are recommended to travel in rental cars suitable for rougher driving conditions. No public amenities are offered at the beach, including restrooms and showers.

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