Victoria's Fisherman's Wharf is only a short walk around the corner from the city's Inner Harbor. The wharf is a hidden treasure of the city, just waiting for people to discover it. This one-of-a-kind destination along the water offers eco-tour adventures, unique retail shops, food kiosks and restaurants, and much more right in the heart of a working harbor. Visitors can wander around the docks while enjoying a delicious lunch, view moored float homes and other vessels, buy fresh seafood straight from the boat, or watch fishing boats unload their catch of the day.

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There are many different restaurants, shops, and tours offering marine adventures located at Fisherman's Wharf. Among the several restaurants visitors can enjoy a delicious meal at are Barb's Fish and Chips, Puerto Vallarta Amigos, and Rockn'Rolls. Guests can also get a jolt of energy from a cup of coffee at Moka House Coffee and Bistro, or cool off with an ice cream cone from Jackson's Ice Cream.

Visitors and locals alike can buy fresh seafood from places like Hi Gear Crab Sales and The Fish Store and More. Boutique and other shops offer a unique selection of goods, such as the 4 Winds Nest Boutique. Guests can also enjoy several different eco-tour adventures at Fisherman's Wharf. Visitors can paddle through the water with Kelp Reef Kayaking. If a more relaxing marine adventure if more of their cup of tea, visitors can sit back and relax on a whale watching cruise with Eagle Wing Whale Watching. Seals, otters, seabirds, and eagles also occasionally make appearances at the wharf.

From the final days of World War II until around 1990, the fleet of fishing vessels at Fisherman's Wharf was at its heyday. During this time, fishing vessels were moored to every single dock with the exception of two located at the wharf's east end. These two docks were "live aboard" docks, home to an often eccentric and diverse community of people from the 1970's up until the year 2000.

Several colorful characters often roamed about the docks during the time, rubbing shoulders with busy fishermen. People would appear seemingly out of nowhere and make Fisherman's Wharf their home. After a short while, these same people would suddenly move away be quickly replaced by another, just as eccentric as the one before. This meant that there was hardly ever a dull moment at the wharf. This also meant that the local police often were kept busy either breaking up quarrels and fights, or cross-checking their list of people for outstanding arrest warrants with the list of inhabitants at Fisherman's Wharf.

For around forty or so more years after the 1950's, vessels for fishing salmon, mostly trollers, were moored at the docks during the off season, sometimes tied two or three across. While the fishing seasons gradually grew shorter, the fleet of vessels would leave the wharf during late spring for the fishing grounds. These boats would return to Fisherman's Wharf once the weather took a turn for the worse during the fall.

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