Pacific Northwest Raptors on Vancouver Island was established in 2002 by Gillian Radcliffe. The team at The Raptors consists of small number of knowledgeable and caring biologists, as well as raptor enthusiasts, who are dedicated to the protection and conservation of several birds of prey, as well as the birds themselves. The primary goal for Gillian founding this conservation center was to help with changing the way people think about the fragile balance between wildlife and mankind within the ecosystem, as well as the crucial role that raptors play within our natural habitats. Those at Pacific Northwest Raptors believe the best way to share such an important message is to let visitors get up close to the amazing birds, and learn more about their essential roles within the ecosystem they share with mankind.

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Visitors to The Raptors have the opportunity to not just learn about the birds of prey the center is committed to protecting, but they can also get up close and personal with them as well. There is a wide array of opportunities for guests to see these fascinating predatory birds up close. Guests peer into the eyes of an owl, take a stroll through wooded areas of the center with a hawk, or even spend an entire day immersing themselves in a world of raptors.

Whichever birds of prey experience guests choose, they are sure to develop an ever-lasting respect for nature and its wildlife through these unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. All of the Pacific Northwest Raptors' hands-on program are available the visitor center, situated within the Cowichan Valley, only ten minutes away from downtown Duncan. While guests participating in any of the programs offered by the center must be at least eight years of age, they do provide a separate hands-on experience for kids ages four to seven that visitors can enquire about at the visitor center.

One of the programs offered by Pacific Northwest Raptors is the Hawk Walk. Guests participating in the program will be taking a walk on the wild side as they wander through a field or forest with a hawk following along over their heads. Visitors can then put a glove on their hand to have the hawk fly down and land lightly on their raised fist. The entire experience lasts around fifteen to twenty minutes, making it a great experience for visitors who only have an hour to spare or an entire day. The Hawk Walk experience is a part of the center's CLOSER Admission experience.

The staff of Northwest Pacific Raptors work every single day of the year with the birds of prey, helping them learn how better provide them with highest level of care possible. These amazing creatures have always filled people with awe, and it's not hard to see why. These birds are silent predators as they swoop down with precision, speed, and intent. However, they are vulnerable as well, and their existence is increasingly threatened across the world by human activity. In order for them to continue to exist, people need to see these birds as more than predators.

1877 Herd Road, Duncan, British Columbia, Phone: 250-746-0372

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