The mission of contributing to the well-being and conservation of the local ecosystems, communities, and culture of coastal British Columbia is always at the heart of Outer Shores Expeditions and Wilderness Tours. The organization believes that providing people with a better understanding of the planet’s most amazing ecosystems and wildlife and first-hand experiences it vital to the preservation and protection of these animals and habitats. Outer Shores Expeditions and Wilderness Tours provides fascinating, educational, and fun excursions for visitors and locals alike aboard the Passing Cloud schooner vessel.

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The schooner Passing Cloud is a classic wooden schooner measuring seventy feet. The vessel was designed by William James Roué, who is also well-known for designing the fishing and racing schooner Bluenose, a legendary Canadian schooner. The Passing Cloud schooner was designed in Nova Scotia in Halifax by the famous William James Roué, a well-known Canadian naval architect. The ship was built by the renowned shipwright Brian Walker in Victoria, British Columbia. Since the launching of the schooner Passing Cloud back in 1974, the ships has sailed through the South Pacific, won several races, weathered through hurricanes, serves as a training vessel for sailing, and went on explorations to the far ends of the coast of British Columbia. Outer Shores Expeditions and Wilderness Tours is always proud to share with visitors the story of the rich history of Passing Cloud.

First launched in the year 1974 in Victoria, British Columbia, the Passing Cloud schooner is renowned for its elegant design, spectacular sailing abilities, robust construction, and remarkable accommodations. The ship features a rich history of many years on the coasts of British Columbia in Canada. The schooner was originally designed to sail around the world, and is an excellent vessel for exploring the area of the British Columbia Coast during cultural and wildlife tours and expeditions.

The Passing Cloud schooner meets the highest standards of construction and safety, and is a passenger vessel certified by Transport Canada. The ship is fully equipped with modern navigation and safety equipment, including satellite telephone, digital chart plotter, EPIRB, VHF radios, GPS, and radar. Among the several appealing features of the shooner are its amazing sailing abilities, large deck space, traditional wheelhouse, beautiful main salon, and three private staterooms.

Among the many different tours and expeditions offered by Outer Shores Expeditions and Wilderness Tours, visitors can see the biodiversity of the coast of British Columbia during the Great Bear Rainforest Expeditions. The Great Bear Sea and Great Bear Rainforest of Canada is a fascinating region of immense biodiversity and beauty. It’s a place visitors won’t soon forget, filled with surprises and moments that capture the imagination of guests like few other places on the planet.

The Vancouver Island Expeditions provide a look at the wild wilderness of the raw and rugged beauty of Vancouver Island, as well as its massive amount of biodiversity. The Haida Gwaii Expeditions with Outer Shores Expeditions and Wilderness Tours offers guests an opportunity to have an edge of the world experience within the Haida Heritage Site, National Marine Conservation Area, and the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.

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