The Comox Air Force Museum preserves, collects, displays, and interprets various artifacts associated with the Canadian Forces Base Comox, as well as its units and squadrons. The museum is situated near the main gate of the Comox base, located within Vancouver Island's Comox Valley. Comox Air Force Museum first opened to the public at its current location in 1987 on September 12.

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There are several different exhibits throughout the museum, as well as an aviation art gallery and an aviation reference library. Various aircraft are displayed in the Heritage Air Park, located approximately five hundred meters from the museum. The Y2K Spitfire restoration hangar is also a short distance down the road from the Comox Air Force Museum.

Visitors to the museum will feel as if they stepped back in time. The history of 19 Wing Comox, as well as that of West Coast Canadian Military Aviation is celebrated at the Comox Air Force Museum. Guests have the chance to relive the amazing and daring feats of the Airmen of British Columbia during the short time of the Royal Flying Corps of Canada from 1917 to 1918, along with that of the Canadian Air Force from the year 1918 until 1924.

The exhibits continue on with the Royal Canadian Air Force's glory years during its existence from 1924 to 1968. The various forces were consolidated in the year 1968, and the history displayed within the exhibits goes up until the present day. All of these exhibit displays showcase the history of Canada's air forces with a local focus.

Every one of the squadrons of 19 Wing, both present and past, are represented at the Comox Air Force Museum. A part of the Comox Museum, the Heritage Air Park exhibits many different aircraft from Canada's past. Also located on-site are an aviation reference library and a well-stocked Gift Shop featuring aircraft related items. Admission to the site is by donation.

The First World War exhibit at the Comox Air Force Museum showcases artifacts from World War I, with a focus on airmen from Canada's West Coast. There are also several artifacts displayed at the museum from World War II. Some of the artifacts displayed within the gallery include the Stalag Luft III POW Log Book of John Colwell, items that once belonged to Douglas "Duke" Warren, and artifacts that formerly belonged to James Francis Edwards. There is also an example of a Fire balloon, of which several were launched by Japanese forces in an attempt of setting fire to the West Coast of the continent of North America.

Comox Air Force Museum's UN Peacekeeping exhibit showcases numerous artifacts from the role the country of Canada has played in UN Peacekeeping missions. The 19 Wing's Squadrons exhibit gallery features displays about both past and present squadrons. The Past Squadrons Exhibit contains artifacts from squadrons of 19 Wing that had served at Canadian Forces Base Comox at one time, but have since been disbanded or moved. Visitors can see artifacts from active Comox squadrons in the Present Squadrons Exhibit.

19 Wing Comox, Lazo, British Columbia, Phone: 250-339-8162

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