The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto is one of the great markets of the world. Each merchant selling their goods at the market represents a square among an authentic and lively patchwork quilt. The fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons whose passion for crafts and food and hard work make up the market’s collective story. There’s a lot to discover, taste, and see throughout the St. Lawrence Market, particularly in the South Market. It can be difficult for visitor to decide where to begin. Today, the complex of the St. Lawrence Market consists of three different sections: the South Market, St. Lawrence Hall, and the North Market.

The lower and main levels of the St. Lawrence Market’s South Market include more than one hundred and twenty specialty vendors. These vendors are known for the freshness and variety of their vegetables, fruit, grains, fish, baked goods, dairy products, and meat. They are also well-known for the offering very unique non-food products for sale as well.

At the St. Lawrence Market, visitors can become familiar with and learn more about the farmers and merchants that sell their goods at the market. These vendors often take extra care to remember what their regular customers enjoy, as well recommend new things for guests to try. Visitors can try new foods, as well as traditions, from throughout the dynamic cultural diversity of Toronto, and be inspired by several products that are locally made. Visitors can also simply choose to just sit back and relax and enjoy some people watching.

Visitors and locals alike can take journey back to the Toronto’s past and get a glimpse of what remains of Toronto’s City Hall that once stood at the site of the St. Lawrence Market from the year 1845 until the year 1899. The South Market is also home to the Market Gallery, a space for various exhibitions for the Cultural Services of the City of Toronto. On the second floor of the St. Lawrence Market South, guests can take a look at what the Council Chambers of the city once looked like. Changing exhibitions illustrate the social, physical, and cultural development of the City of Toronto through fine art, maps, photographs, and paintings, many originating back to the nineteenth century.

The Market Kitchen at the St. Lawrence Market is the market’s very own cooking school, which also acts as a space for events. The kitchen is a destination in itself for all manner of foodies, in which guests can work with fresh locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, as well as more exotic products from throughout the world, right inside the world famous Toronto market. It’s not merely a kitchen, it’s instead a culinary center, designed for demonstrations by top chefs, product launches, and cooking workshops.

Several different types of cooking classes are offered at the Market Kitchen. Farmhouse-inspired hands-on classes are great for beginners who are looking to learn some basic cooking and baking techniques. “Secret Of’” cooking classes feature different cooking methods such as roasting, braising, and even pizza making. “Make and Take” cooking classes allow guests to work together to create things such as preserves, pie, or even dumplings, and then take their own share home with them.

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