Located in British Columbia, inside of the beautiful Stanley Park, touching the Pacific Ocean is the Vancouver Aquarium. Filled with many different educational exhibits, visitors of all ages are welcomed to spend time exploring the habitats and creatures of the underwater world. Opening in 1956, The Vancouver Aquarium was the first official aquarium was the first to become public. Since then it has grown to be the largest aquarium in Canada, and is internationally recognized for its innovate aquarium research projects such as Marine Mammal Rescue Program. They also are known for their work with interpretive specialists and professional naturalists to better explain the behaviors of animals. The Vancouver Aquarium not only features creatures from the ocean, they provide marine research, and are involved with helping to protect the marine world through many conservation initiatives.

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At the Vancouver Aquarium there are a large selection of exhibits for visitors to explore, which explore different animals and creatures found in the ocean. Through all of the different galleries, visitors have the opportunity to be inspired by being able to have an intimate experience with over 50,000 creatures that are found at the aquarium. There are a variety of interpretive programs, shows, and animal encounters that give an exclusive up-close look at different animals from the sea. Some of the most popular exhibits include Steller’s Bay, Discover Rays, The Wild Coast, Penguin Point, and Canada’s Arctic. Steller’s Bay allows guests to get up close and personal to the beloved Steller sea lions. This is a new exhibit that showcases these lovable creatures, basking in the sun, playing, and diving underwater. There is viewing area above and below the water, and trainers and interpreters have created an interactive program for guests to learn more about the animals. The touch pool in the Discover Rays exhibit is a popular aspect of the aquarium; guests are able to have a hands-on experience with these gentle fishes as they glide through the water. Both southern and cownose stingrays are found in the touch pool, and within the exhibit visitors are able to discover more about the life systems and how overfishing is threating rays.

The Wild Coast display is a favorite exhibit of the aquarium, filled with playful sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions and the rescued dolphin, Helen, guests are encouraged to view the animals and learn more about the wildlife of the west coast. It is the largest gallery in the aquarium, and there are a series of outdoor walkways that all lead to the different animals. Within the exhibit are displays on each of the rescued animals found on the British Columbian coast, and there are several touch pools and an underwater area to view the animals diving. Penguin Point is home to African penguins, with a viewing deck and many different displays guests are able to learn more about 17 different species of penguins. The Vancouver Aquarium is an ambassador for African Penguins, which are now listed as an endangered species. By educating visitors on their natural habitats, they are dedicated to sharing the story of these creatures and breeding them to help ensure the survival of the next generation. In the exhibit Canada’s Artic focuses on the diverse, changing and vast climate of the great north. The exhibit is filled with information about animals such as the Beluga whale, which thrive in the icy temperature and snow. However, by focusing on the arctic, the aquarium strives to connect visitors to the social, political, economic, and environmental problems that are affecting the Northern part of Canada. All of the various exhibitions featured at The Vancouver Aquarium provide visitors with the ability to learn more about the marine world both locally, and around the world.

The aquarium strives to provide education to visitors of all ages and encourages everyone to learn new things about marine life. Through a variety of activities, programs, and events guests are encouraged to learn and explore the underwater world. Camps, clubs and field trips are all different actives offered to the public and the exhibits are constantly teaching guests about different aspects of animals and the underwater world. Events such as animal encounters, allow visitors to have an up-close experience with some of the animals and seeing their habitats, while an interpreter or trainer explains more about them The program of Ocean Wise was launched in 2017 and was developed to restore and protect the worlds oceans. The Vancouver Aquarium works together with Ocean Wise to encourage people to take part in the initiative to create healthy oceans.

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