Visit Montreal’s Chateau Ramezay, a gateway to the past built as a magnificent residence in the 18th century. This prestigious building was the first of its kind to be classified as a historical monument. Guests of the chateau will journey through five hundred years of history through various displays, exhibits, historical figures, and opulent garden styled after the colonial French.

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For well over three hundred years, the Chateau Ramezay was considered the hub of Montreal live and development. This museum has been dedicated to displaying and conserving the history and heritage of its home city since 1895. Guests and locals alike are welcome to take a trip back in time and visit this portal to the past.

American Invasion of 1775

The Chateau Ramezay, constructed in 1705, was a building always associated with power. Initially, its influence dealt with administrative efforts, which eventually transformed to economic strength. Built as the private residence of Claude de Ramezay, who was the governor of Montreal, this intimidating structure welcomed visitors to New France.

From 1745-1760, the most significant fur trade company on the continent, Compagnie des Indes, set up its offices in the chateau. The Chateau Ramezay became the center of political controversy once again during the American invasion from 1775-1776.


On display within the Chateau Ramezay are many beautiful collections and amazing witnesses throughout the building’s history. These collections include over 30,000 drawings, paintings, and books from various categories.

• Works of Art

• Amerindian Ethnological Collection

• Quebec Ethnological Collections

• Numismatic Collections

• Library

• Photographic Collection


The Chateau Ramezay offers several permanent displays, which provide the opportunity to explore over five hundred years’ worth of history from Montreal, Quebec, and Canada.

Hochelaga, Ville-Marie, Montreal- This exhibit in the Chateau Ramezay displays one-of-a-kind artifacts which speak to the daily goings on of those who lived in the area. As guests make their way through this exhibit, they will feel as though they are traveling through time, especially when visiting the Salle de Nantes, a room decorated in original mahogany wood panels that date back to the 1700s.

Life at the Chateau- During the New France era, present-day Montreal was confined to an area described as Old Montreal. At the time, Montreal was a hub of essential trade routes. Visiting this display will offer guests the opportunity to experience Montreal as it once was, discovering how other cultures influenced the city.


Visitors to the Chateau Ramezay are invited to submerge themselves in the colors and fragrances unique to this calming terrace located in the heart of Old Montreal. The garden is a beautiful place for a stroll and offers a relaxing environment in which to discover more about the New France gardens.

In 1705, Montreal’s new governor, Claude de Ramezay arrived. At this point, he hired a mason and an architect to build him a home. Within this house was a garden in which the governor hosted excellent dinners and high-society events, for his home, was located in the heart of the city.

Unfortunately, today’s garden is not a replica of the original, but instead, pays tribute to the style and contents of the unique gardens which Montreal’s nobility cultivated and enjoyed in the eighteenth century.

Guided Tours

The Chateau Ramezay offers guided tours led by volunteers who share information about the history of Montreal and the chateau. These guides dress up in historically accurate costumes. Guests will enjoy this experience as they listen and learn about the culture and events that took place within the walls of the Chateau Ramezay.

School Programs

School-aged guests are invited to visit the Chateau Ramezay and take an incredible trip into the past. Housed within the walls of an amazingly preserved display of the French regime, students will discover and learn about the three dominant cultures that consist of Montreal’s history.

Separated into small groups, the students will learn all about what daily life was like in New France. Interactive exhibits, costumed guides, and authentic displays will provide students an experience in the exploration of life in 18th century Canada.

School-aged guests will have the chance to learn about the First Nations way of living through an artifact treasure hunt which focuses on life before the first contact with the Europeans. This interactive display provides children the opportunity to handle and see scale model objects.

Students will learn that it was hard work to be self-sufficient. It required determination, perseverance and the support of the entire family. Hands-on experiences provide the chance to discover more about food practices of the 18th century, along with what it takes to transform sheep’s wool into cloth.

Chateau Ramezay 280 Notre-Dame Street East, Old Montreal, Phone: 514-861-3708

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