The McCord National Museum celebrates the social history and cultures of Montreal and world events, including the history of Canada as a nation of 3 founders—the First Peoples, French and English. David Ross McCord began collecting artifacts representing Montreal and Canada’s history to add to the McCord family collection in 1878. By 1921, the McCord was inaugurated with the McCord National Museum opening on October 13, 1921.

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The McCord’s operated the museum until 60 years ago when the McCord was privatized. The museum is supported through grants and donors from private citizens in the community.

The McCord welcomes more than 150,000 visitors annually and recently joined with the Steward Museum in 2013. Both museums are operated separately but work together on administrative tasks, and integration of both museum’s collection.

The museum is closed on Mondays and has varying hours throughout the week. The museum is open on all public holidays except for New Year’s Day and Christmas Day.


The McCord National Museum features one permanent exhibition and a rotating schedule of special, temporary and traveling exhibits. The museums exhibitions are often integration with pieces of the Steward Museum collections.

Porter’s Identity: The First Peoples Collection- Visitors to the First Peoples exhibition will discover the heritage and culture of the country’s first inhabitants. A special emphasis is put on the clothing that the First Peoples wore as it signified age, status, and what nation the wearer is from with just a glance. Contemporary works of art by First Peoples are added to the exhibition twice annually.

Special Events

The McCord Museum offers many special events and educational opportunities for adults, children and families. Many of the events offered at the museum are special or temporary programs that are offered occasionally or on select days only. More information about dates and registration for different events and programs is available on the McCord website.

Programs for adults include lectures workshops, movie screenings, documentary watch parties, holiday gatherings and more. Tea at the McCord is a special program that invites guest lecturers to present with tea and cookies being served to participants.

Activities for children and families include story time on Sundays (in French), special holiday inspired and themed story times, hands on workshops that offers an interactive approach to exhibits that are offered on Sundays, and day camps offered every summer.

Children can also host their birthday parties at the McCord where they and their friends can engage in interactive workshops that includes arts and crafts and exploring the museum. Theme incudes The Art of Magic and The Power of the Amulets.

Field trips to the McCord are popular for children in preschool through secondary school. There are many different options for field trip programs and museum staff is happy to work with educators to choose the best program to accompany the educator’s curriculum.

Program offerings for Preschool and primary school include:

· At the rhythm of the First Peoples

· Storytelling

· The Art of Magic

· Photography

· Discovering the French

· Tales on the inside

· Inuit ancestors

· The Thousand Golden Square

· Milton Parc

· 1820-1905

· Porters Identity

Programs offerings for secondary school include:

· At the rhythm of the First Peoples

· Photography

· Discovering the French

· Inuit Ancestors

· The Thousand Golden Square

· 1820-1905

· Archives of Montreal 1914-1918

· Volunteering

· Porter’s Identity

Teachers interested in scheduling an educational experience at the McCord are encouraged to go behind the scenes with the Educational Action service to learn how the museum can help them enrich their teaching and curriculum.

During school holidays, the McCord also offers daycare services with advance registration. There are limited spaces in this program and parents are encouraged to book their spots early.

The McCord also offers special programming for senior citizens and can accommodate special needs or mobility issues. Seniors are able to tell their stories of life in Montreal and can participate in In Center groups that pairs seniors and high school students so that seniors can share their stories, stimulate their memories and combat loneliness.

Program offerings for Seniors include:

· Learning in English or French

· The Thousand Golden Square then and now

· Wearing Your Identity

· To the Rhythm of our elders

· Visit to the Map

Visitors can also engage in language learning programs at the McCord or online. The McCord currently offers French courses that also teach the cultural aspects of Canada and Quebec. Language classes include museum tours and interactions with exhibits.

Historical walks also begin at the McCord with apps for your smartphone that give an auditory tour of some of Montreal’s most iconic and historic neighborhoods.

McCord Museum 690 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, H3A 1E9, Phone: 514-861-6701

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