In the heart of Quebec, Canada, lies the Dufresne-Nincheris Museum, a complex that joins two marvelous museums from Montreal's rich history. The Chateau Dufresne is the only residence open to the public in Montreal that has kept its original décor and furniture from the 1920s, while the Studio Nincheri is the oldest stained-glass studio still in existence in Quebec. This workshop pays homage to the works of the Florentine master Guido Nincheri.

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The purpose of these museums is to observe the history and heritage of Montreal. They intend to accomplish their goal by converting the Nincheri Studio and Chateau Dufresne into customized and innovative galleries. Created for the surrounding community, the intention of preserving these landmarks is to provide a level of culture and sophistication for subsequent generations.

Chateau Dufresne

The Chateau Dufresne is considered a prestigious residence by all who visit. Built and completed between in the second decade of the twentieth century, this beautiful building served as home to the Dufresne brothers, Oscar and Marius. This structure shows off the breathtaking elegance of the principles of Beaux-Arts architecture, a style held in high appreciation by the French-Canadian societies at the time.

The location of the Chateau Dufresne consists of two separate residences. It offers many surprises to guests regarding the styles, materials and modern facilities used in its construction. Each room of the home serves a distinct purpose and is designed and treated in different forms. These rooms range from small lounges to large lounges, entrance halls to smoking rooms, and workrooms to cold-weather gardens. The owners of the chateau sought to give every room its unique atmosphere and spared no expense doing so.

Nincheri Studio

Guido Nincheri was considered by many as one of the preeminent creative minds of his life during the 1900s. Italo-Canadian by birth, his stained-glass windows, paintings, frescoes, and proudly displayed furniture are in more than two hundred buildings over 116 locations throughout the United States of America and Canada.

Most famously known for his technique with glass painting and the impeccable craftsmanship of his designs with stained-glass, Guido Nincheri has created more than five thousand windows made of stained-glass that are on display in over six New England states and nine Canadian provinces.


The Memory of the Objects

The Memory of the Objects, A Journey of the Collector, displays over forty-seven objects and paintings full of cultural history from the incredible collection of Alexander du Bothuri and his wife, Elaine Bedard. These fantastic royal and imperial objects once belong to such prominent historical figures as Joan of Arc, Louis XV, Madame du Barry, Marie Antoinette, Rodolphe II, Pauline Borghese, Napolean I, Josephine and many others.

This collection of exquisite objects has been brought together for the first time in a Museum located in North America. The Chateau Dufresne, adorned with French-style-Beaux-Arts architecture is directly inspired by the Petit Trianon at Versailles. Additionally, the Memory of Objects includes the belongings of four who once resided at the Petit Trianon. Outside of France itself, this collection is considered one of the most prestigious containing paintings, furniture, and other pieces of artwork of royal and imperial French culture.

Receptions and Business Meetings

The Chateau Dufresne offers exceptional settings and rooms for elegant dinners and important business meetings. Surrounded by exquisite architecture, paintings, and artifacts about historical French culture, guests cannot go wrong selecting this location. Defined as a historical monument in 1976, this luxurious setting, was completed at the turn of the twentieth century. The chateau can accommodate up to one hundred and fifty guests.

Oscar’s Big Show

This luxurious room shows off wood-paneling of mahogany colored oak. Adorned with embossed golden scrolls, it is the hallmark of the chateau. The coffered ceiling proclaims fourteen paintings telling the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Oscar’s Dining Room

The definition of opulence, Oscar’s Dining Room is decorated in oak paneled walls and includes a tapestry of gorgeous greenery. Another coffered ceiling features a frieze, a splendidly decorative fireplace, along with a magnificent hanging chandelier decorated with garlands ties the room together.

Oscar’s Solarium

This sector of the chateau is the sunniest part of the residence, which overlooks a beautiful garden. Its stunning tiled floor and thick brick walls emphasize a decorative fireplace, which includes a painting on the wall and ceiling depicting a clear azure sky. Several windows throughout the room feature stained-glass windows, a tribute to the fantastic work of Guido Nincheri.

2929 Avenue Jeanne-d’Arc Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H1W 3W2, Phone: 514-259-9201

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