In 1983, Nancy Stibbard, a native of Vancouver, bought Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Throughout the past thirty years, she has led the development and amazing success of the attraction. The name Capilano comes from the name Kia'palano, which means "beautiful river." It was a First Nations name that belonged to the Squamish Nation. Kia'palano was a Squamish chief who once lived in the area during the early 1800's. Over time, the name was eventually anglicized and became "Capilano." The word has become the park's namesake, in addition to the bridge, surrounding area, and river.

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The Capilano Suspension Bridge crosses to cedar-scented rainforest air, towering evergreens, and the Treetops Adventure, which features seven suspended bridge that provide stunning views. The recently added Cliffwalk travels along a granite cliff down the Capilano River, featuring a maze-like series of platforms, stairs, and narrow brides. The Suspension Bridge, built originally in 1889, spans four hundred and fifty feet and is situated above the Capilano River at two hundred and thirty feet. Since 1889, the attraction has grown in a fun-filled 27-acre park.

The Living Forest exhibit, the Kids' Rainforest Explorer program, and guided nature tours all enhance the one-of-a-kind rainforest encounter. Visitors can also enjoy culture of the First Nations and seasonal music performances. Guests also have the chance to take photos with the Capilano Tramps and at the Totem Park, something younger guests are sure to enjoy. The park's gift shop offers a variety of items from throughout the country, including homemade fudge.

For a more thrilling activity in Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park's Cliffwalk is the perfect answer. The newest attraction at the park, the Cliffwalk is a cliff-side, heart-stopping adventure that guides visitors through the rainforest along a series of suspended and cantilevered walkways that jut out above the river from the cliff face. This walk offers guests an opportunity to venture into formerly unexplored parts of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The narrow and high Cliffwalk isn't for those that are faint of heart. Some sections of the walkways are made of strong glass, allowing visitors to view the canyon below.

Visitors have the chance to see the scenery of the rainforest on the West Coast from a higher viewpoint at the park's Treetops Adventure. The attraction's seven suspension bridges are attached to eight 250-year-old Douglas firs that weigh thirty ton. Constructed in 2004, the award-winning and innovative adventure was designed with the continuous growth of the park's trees in mind. The multiple viewing platforms are connected to a tree collar-like system. This innovatively designed device can be moved and adjusted as the trees grow, as no bolts or nails are actually used on the Douglas firs.

The unique canopy walk of the Treetops Adventure is unlike any other in the world. Guests can travel from one grand Douglas fir to another along a series of suspension bridges located up to one hundred and ten feet off the ground. The attraction is recognized for its amazing innovation with provincial and national engineering and tourism awards.

3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Phone: 604-985-7479

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