Throughout the course of our lives, we might wear many different items of jewellery. From watches to necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, jewelry has always been a big part of personal fashion and a wonderful way for people to express themselves, sharing their unique sense of style with the world.

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The most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own, however, are your engagement ring and wedding band. Symbolizing the eternal bond between you and your partner, these rings mean so much to the people who wear them. They represent something completely unique - the love you and your partner share - so why shouldn’t they have unique designs to match?

More and more people are seeking out custom engagement and wedding rings in order to truly enjoy the advantages that only a unique ring can provide. As unique people with a one of a kind relationship and your own magical memories, you need truly unique rings too, and you can find them at Studio1098.

Studio1098 - Custom Wedding and Engagement Rings in Toronto

Studio1098 is a leading name in custom jewellery in Canada. Based out of Toronto, this jewellery studio offers custom wedding and engagement rings, letting you choose from a huge range of designs and stones to create rings you’ll never want to take off. Whether you have a precise idea in your mind of what you want your ring to look like or just a vague notion, the Studio1098 team will work together with you to bring your dream ring to life, guiding you along every step of the way and putting the maximum amount of care and effort into every creation.

- One Of A Kind Rings - Studio1098 aims to celebrate the unique bond that ties every couple together. This jewellery studio understands that you and your partner are totally unique, with your own personalities, memories, and shared experiences, so it only makes sense that you want one of a kind rings as well. The team will help you pick out and design your dream custom rings, starting off with pre-existing styles like Halo, Solitaire, Vintage, and Classic, and then letting you add little touches and flourishes to make the design your own.

- The Studio1098 Difference - Part of what makes Studio1098 such a popular jewellers to choose for custom engagement rings and wedding bands is the fact that this studio treats everyone as an individual. The jewellery experts at Studio1098 understand that you have your own needs, desires, and budget, so will work closely with you to create a ring that truly matches all of your expectations.

- An In Depth Process - To demonstrate just how much passion and drive goes into the creation of each and every ring at Studio1098, we only need to look at the process. First, you'll get to have a consultation with a member of the team and start looking at some ideas to plan out a design that matches your budget and desires. Once you've chosen a design and feature stones, the team will create a computer-generated drawing of your ring and let you see exactly what it will look like, even producing a 3D printed model to scale and getting your full confirmation before proceeding with the making of your ring.

- Ethically Sourced Materials - A big concern for many people these days when buying engagement rings is the sourcing of the diamonds and other gemstones. Fortunately, Studio1098 is committed to only providing ethically sourced diamonds, sapphires, and gemstones in all of its rings. This jewellery studio never works with any diamonds without knowing their provenance, except family diamonds and heirlooms provided by customers.

Visit Studio1098

Studio1098 makes it easy for you to buy your custom wedding band or engagement ring online, but for a more tangible and in-depth experience, you can choose to visit Studio1098's brick and mortar location in Toronto. Here's all you need to know:

- Location - Studio1098 is situated at 1098 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4W 2L6. The studio is right by the Rosedale subway station between Roxborough St. West and Macpherson Ave, so it's very easy to find and access.

- Contact - To get in touch with Studio1098, call 416 944 1098 or email You can also sign up for the email newsletter and follow Studio1098 on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram to learn more.

- Opening Times - Studio1098 is open from 10.30am to 6pm on Tuesdays through to Fridays and then from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays. Private appointments are also available to those who call or email ahead of time. website