Located in Toronto, Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum aims to showcase art, culture, and nature from every time period and every edge of the globe. It is currently one of the most renowned natural history and word culture institutions in North America. Visitors of all ages will experience a world-class collection which includes more than 6 million pieces in its collection.


The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) was formally founded in 1912 when the ROM Act was signed, however, the museum was not officially opened to the public until 1914. The Duke of Connaught and the Governor-General of Canada personally opened the doors on that day. The museum has been a pride of Toronto since that day and is still hugely popular among visitors of all ages.

There are been many expansions and improvements in the years to follow, most notably was the $55 million renovation which began in 1978 and included an increase in research and collection activities, a new curatorial center, a new library, and much more. The newly renovated gallery and exhibition space was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth in a ceremony in 1984.


Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story: This exhibit brings education opportunities and honor to a deeply tragic event. Off the coast of Newfoundland in 2014, nine rare blue whales were trapped in freezing waters and died. This many whales equals about 3 percent of the total population of the Northwest Atlantic blue whale – making it a whopping loss. When blue whales die, they tend to sink in the ocean, however, two of these whales floated to shore, allowing researchers to gather extremely important and invaluable data.

The exhibition features the story of these whales and the researchers who recovered their bodies and some previously unknown knowledge about the biology of one of the largest animals ever. The exhibition is on display until September 4, 2017.

The Family Camera: This exhibit allows visitors to explore the relationship between photographs and the representation and ideas surrounding family. Whether the photos a framed, in a box, or on a smartphone, they all represent special moments that capture something more. Huge milestones, stories of migration, and epic journeys all stand the test of time once they are behind a camera lens. The exhibition is on display until October 29, 2017.

Gallery of Modern Design: Visitors can follow the legacy of European style from the early middle ages all the way through the 20th century. Huge changes in design and innovation influenced Europeans in immeasurable ways including agriculturally, economically, industrially, and socially. This exhibition is on display now.

Art, Honour, and Ridicule: This exhibit features a contemporary and historical look at the Asafo Flags from Southern Ghana. Many military companies in Asafo made flags to depict narratives of defiance, wisdom, strength, and pride. There are deep-rooted histories and stories in these flags and the companies and people they represent. The exhibition is on display until September 4, 2017.

T.Rex Alive!: This exhibit is an enormous T-Rex that comes to live with the process of augmented reality and is featured in the Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs. Visitors can take their picture with the might beast who ruled the Earth millions of years ago.


There are a variety of educational programs, hands-on activities, and resources available to engage and educate visitors of all ages. Plan a school visit to the museum or book a time for a representative from the museum to come to you!

Collections & Research:

Centers of Discovery: Visitors can explore various centers of discovery with exciting subject areas such as ancient cultures, biodiversity, and Canadian culture. Each center connects visitors with respected curators, related public events and famous collections.

ROM Staff: There are many talented professionals at the Museum with focused research on a variety of different topics, including world cultures, natural history, photography, and Asian cultures. Obtaining new pieces for the museum and conducting valuable research is a large part of the museum’s mission and vision.

ROM Channel: This channel is accessible online through the museum’s website and features audio and visual clips of speakers talking about relevant and important topics. Currently, an audio clip features a discussion regarding cultural genocide in Iraq and Syria.

Additional Information:

Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6, website, Phone: 416-586-8000

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