The Rocky Mountains are among the most impressive and awe-inspiring natural sights in North America, and one of the best ways to see and experience the Canadian Rockies is by taking a ride on board the Rocky Mountaineer. A unique train journey unlike any other, the Rocky Mountaineer offers passengers the experience of a lifetime, riding through magical terrain and making memories that will never be forgotten, and one aspect that makes the journey so special is the on-board dining, provided by the Rocky Mountain Catering Company.

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The Rocky Mountain Catering Company - Fine Dining on the Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountain Catering Company is a full-service catering company based in Kamloops. It's the one and only caterer for Gold Leaf Services on board the Rocky Mountaineer, made up of world class chefs and entirely dedicated to setting only the highest standards of culinary excellence.

- Overview - Rocky Mountain Catering was founded back in 2007, with four talented chefs with decades of experience and many awards to their names came together to form a leading catering company, offering high level culinary experiences at fair prices. The Rocky Mountain Catering Company is the main supplier for all Rocky Mountaineer trains, offering passengers deluxe dining experiences as they travel among the Canadian Rockies. The company also offers contract food services and catering around British Columbia.

- The Mission - Rocky Mountain Catering was founded with the express intent of providing the very best levels of culinary and catering services. Absolutely no compromises are made with this company in terms of food safety and meal quality, with the chefs of the Rocky Mountain Catering always wanting to uphold the strictest standards and provide the very best experiences. Customer service is a key part of the overall Rocky Mountain Catering philosophy too, with every meal, project, and undertaking being approached with maximum customer satisfaction in mind.

The Chefs of the Rocky Mountain Catering Company

Part of what makes the Rocky Mountain Catering Company such a success is its award-winning line-up of prestigious chefs.

- Jean Pierre Guerrin - Hailing from France, Jean Pierre Guerin has worked at some of the finest hotels and establishments in his homeland, as well as all over Canada and the Caribbean too. He served as the Head Chef of the 5 Sails Dining Room at the Pan Pacific Hotel, before becoming Executive Chef at Lalique in Hong Kong. He's worked all over the globe, no stranger to adapting to different places and environments, and brings years of experience to the Rocky Mountain Catering Company team.

- Raoul Prigent - Coming from the beautiful northern France region of Brittany, famed for its seafood and sweet treats like crepes and salted caramels, Raoul Prigent learned his trade in several Michelin starred restaurants before becoming a chef in Canada at the Loews Hotel and La Chamiere Restaurant. He has also held positions in Hong Kong and is famed for his masterful preparation and planning skills, able to command large kitchens and head up huge culinary projects with poise and punctuality.

- Joseph Lassaga - Coming from the Basque Country, Joseph Lassaga serves as the Executive Chef at Bistro Chez Michel in North Vancouver. He brings a fusion of styles to the Rocky Mountain Catering Company, bringing Basque, French, and Spanish influences to his unique culinary style, successfully marrying a mixture of techniques and approaches to prepare dishes to tantalize the tastebuds of diners from around the globe.

- Frederic Couton - Also from France, born among the beauty of the snow-capped Alps, Frederic Couton learned the ins and outs of the culinary world at several Michelin starred restaurants, immediately standing out for his innovative approach and mastery of ingredients and presentation. He has worked at several prestigious locations around Montreal, Vancouver, and Bangkok, joining the British Columbia Club as Executive Chef and winning a range of international awards.

Preparing all food at a state of the art, 6,600 square feet facility in Kamloops, BC, Rocky Mountain Catering is providing some of the finest catering and food services in Canada.

With more than a century of combined experiences among the chefs and a total mastery of multiple cuisine styles from Indian and Chinese to French and Spanish, this company provides premium catering, consulting, and culinary services that simply can't be beaten.

Visit the official Rocky Mountain Catering Company site to learn more and give the company a call on 250 314 0882 to learn more and take the first steps for your own catering requests. website