After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink on the planet. Countless people drink tea on a daily basis, and this drink has actually been an integral part of the development of many cultures and customs all over the world. Many people appreciate tea for its depth and variety, with an almost limitless array of options available in terms of the different leaves and ingredients that can be used to make a single cup of tea, and if you’re looking for high quality teas in Canada, Pluck Teas is one of the nation’s leading brands.

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Pluck Teas - Premium Teas from Canada

Founded back in 2012 by tea sommelier and lifelong tea lover Jennifer Commins, Pluck Teas was created to offer high quality teas to the businesses and people of Toronto, but has now grown to a point where it supplies teas to companies and tea lovers all over the country. Pluck Teas sources all of its leaves from ethical growers and then adds in some home-grown ingredients from local Canadian farms like Prince Edward County lavender or grape skins from Niagara vineyards, crafting some truly wonderful teas with a unique Canadian twist.

- Varied Products - Pluck Teas offers an exceptional range of different teas for both general customers and wholesale buyers to choose from. Whether you're looking for traditional black blends like Classic Earl Grey, fruity and flowery concoctions like Prince Edward Lavender and Apple on the Green, prestige Founder's Collection teas like Four Seasons Spring Oolong and Houjicha, or something totally different, you'll find it here, with bagged, sachets, and loose leaf teas all available for order.

- Made in Canada - All Pluck Teas products are blended and packaged in Toronto, Canada, with the leaves and other ingredients sourced from Ethical Tea Partnership gardens and trusted growers locally and in other countries all over the globe. When it comes to tea, the quality and provenance of the ingredients makes such a big difference to the overall quality of the cups of tea you enjoy, and Pluck Teas really makes the extra effort needed to guarantee the most delicious cups of tea with the very best ingredients.

- A Leading Supplier - For a demonstration of just how highly rated these teas are, we only need to look at Pluck Teas’ reputation in the wholesale industry. Pluck Teas is one of the top wholesale tea suppliers in all of Canada, trusted by restaurants, cafés, retail locations, and other businesses all around the country. With so many companies trusting this brand as their number one tea supplier, it’s clear to see that Pluck Teas products are among the very best around.

Shop Pluck Teas

Pluck Teas is producing some of the most flavorful and sustainable teas in the whole of Canada, and if you'd like to enjoy them for yourself or even for your own business, here's all you need to know:

- Shop Online - Pluck Teas can be purchased directly from the official Pluck Teas website. Smartly laid out and easy to navigate, the site lets you browse through the whole selection of Pluck Teas products, including Classic black teas, green teas, herbal teas, iced teas, and Founder's Collection teas, as well as rare teas and tea accessories. You can place an order online at any time, ready for delivery right to your door.

- Tea Subscription - More and more people are favoring subscription services for foods and drinks like tea, and Pluck Teas offers its own subscription in the form of the 'Pluck of the Month Club'. For an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy six or twelve different teas, delivered in sets of two direct to your door every other month. This is a great way to try out a vast and varied range of Pluck Teas products, all provided in resealable, portable packs to preserve freshness and quality, and each park makes about 12 cups of tea on average. As soon as you sign up with this premium tea subscription service, your first teas will arrive within a few days and then your next selections will start to ship out on a bi-monthly basis.

- Wholesale - Pluck Tea is trusted by many cafés, restaurants, and similar businesses, and if you'd like to make a wholesale enquiry and learn more about providing Pluck Teas to your customers each day, you can fill out a simply contact form on the official Pluck Teas site. You'll just need to enter some basic contact details, as well as information on the type of business you're operating. One of the best things about Pluck Teas that has encouraged so many businesses to choose this company is the ways in which the Pluck Teas team will work with your business to create customized blends just for you. website