The first Nations Reserve of Wendake in Quebec is one of the most fascinating and unique locations in all of Canada. A place where many interesting historical and archaeological discoveries have been made over the years, it’s also a great location for modern day visitors to see and experience. If you’re looking for the best accommodation in Wendake, the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations is one of the best choices open to you.

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For more than just a hotel, the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations also offers guests unique cultural and historical experiences through the presence of its own on-site museum and longhouse, as well as providing excellent facilities and amenities for the comfort and convenience of each and every guest. Read on to learn exactly why the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations is ranked as one of the best hotels in Quebec.

- A Hotel And A Museum - Hotel Musee Premieres Nations stands out for its prime location in Wendake, its quality facilities, its excellent service, and its beautiful rooms, but the one aspect of this Quebec accommodation location that really sets it apart from the crowd is the fact that it doubles up as a hotel and a museum all in one. Guests at the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations will simply be able to walk from their rooms right over to the Huron Wendat Museum to enjoy various permanent and temporary exhibitions and activities, with guided tours and self-guided audio tours available. One of the big highlights is, of course, the Ekionkiestha National Longhouse. Visitors will really feel like they've stepped back in time to a different world, a different culture, and a different life as they meet storytellers and learn all about the First Nations while surrounded by an authentic longhouse construction.

- Luxury Rooms - There are three different room types to be chosen from at the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations: First Nations rooms, Wendat rooms, and Comofrt Rooms. The First Nations rooms are the deluxe options, being designed with couples and romantic getaways in mind, featuring leafy forest views from the balcony and traditional native decorations. There are 12 Wendat rooms, which are spacious enough for four people and enjoy Akiawenrakh river views and executive elegance. Finally, there are 22 Comfort rooms, which are the simplest but still highly elegant and stylish, with plenty of quality amenities and wonderful decorations.

- Excellent Room Amenities - Those intending to stay at the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations will be able to enjoy a whole host of luxurious and convenient items in the comfort of their own rooms. All rooms come fitted with large, high quality HD TVs as standard, as well as goose-down bedding, a state-of-the-art Keurig coffee making machine, luxury bathrobes, speedy Wi-Fi access, a French balcony area to enjoy the views and breath in the fresh air, a refrigerator, and standard hotel room basics like an iron, radio, and hair dryer.

- Dining at Hotel Musee Premieres Nations - Those looking for quality fine dining experiences won't be disappointed at this Quebec hotel. The Hotel Musee Premieres Nations features the 'La Traite Restaurant'. Beautifully decorated with lots of wooden furnishings, tree trunks, and wild animal skins, as well as contemporary flourishes and lighting, this restaurant offers the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and romantic meals, serving up top class meals made with locally sourced and organic ingredients. The restaurant features both indoor and outdoor areas with fireplaces and is a great place for those wishing to taste authentic native cuisine.

- Weddings and Special Events - If you're looking for a dream wedding venue in Quebec, the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations could be the perfect option. With its wonderful amenities and the unique presence of the on-site museum and longhouse, the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations offers a space for your marriage quite unlike anywhere else on the planet. The hotel can cater for weddings with up to 160 guests and offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies, photoshoots, parties, and more. As well as being a super wedding venue, the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations also regularly hosts meetings, conferences, and other corporate events. The hotel features multiple meeting rooms, with enough space for over 200 guests, and various packages are available to allow groups to enjoy meals at the hotel restaurant and time in the spa or gym.

- Top Class Facilities - As well as having its own museum and longhouse, plus a restaurant and luxurious rooms, the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations also features additional facilities you won't want to miss out on. There's a large indoor pool, for instance, which is open from 7am to 9pm and totally free for hotel guests, who can feel the warmth of the water on their skin and gaze out the large windows at the forests of the reserve. For those who like to stay active and fit, there's a gym with treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, and weights, while those looking for something more relaxing and soothing will be able to visit the spa for massages, body treatments, hydrotherapy, and more.

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