Breathe Spa, located in Vancouver, offers an opportunity for pure health and relaxation. True to its name, Breathe Spa’s expansive interior offers room to breathe, while the treatment rooms are well kept and supply guests with just the right amount of comfort. The friendly staff go above and beyond to ensure that the spa remains one of the best with regards to customer service and spa facilities.

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The Breathe Spa

The spa’s style includes a honeycombed tiled floor, Italian marble columns, and marble staircases, not to mention an architectural style that suggests a Roman villa, with plenty of vanilla-white marble and decor. The Breathe Spa offers general advice on facials, nail care, massage and bodywork, and there are add-on services like working on eyebrows, eyelashes, bikini waxes, treatments for backs, forearms, underarms, faces, and so much more. The spa also does acupuncture, which is an ancient Chinese healing technique that can assist the body in rebalancing and bring it back to full working order. There is little to no pain when the needles are inserted, and many have felt rejuvenated when the needles have touched specific spots. The spa offers a course of 4 personal treatments for $270, or a 1-hour session for $75.

Spa Packages

The spa packages are created to make an ideal gift for a single person or indeed that someone special. For instance, the Crown Package is an aesthetic service that offers a 2-hour pedicure, manicure, and signature facial. There is a deep skin analysis that assesses what needs to be done, followed by things like deep cleansing, oxygenation treatment, aromatherapy treatment, and creams and oils that rejuvenate the skin. The full cost is $270. The Opulent Package, costing $300, focuses on feet, and the experience is similar to that of the Crown Package. The organic massaging creams help to soothe and heal the skin and contain certified botanical products. The rather more pricey Imperial Package, at $405, offers the best of everything and works on every element of the body. Other packages include the Deluxe Package, Royal Package, and Palatial Package.


The spa’s reputation has grown over the years and it has received quite a few accolades over the years. The Breathe Spa wants to be the best in Vancouver and has spared no expense to make that happen. They have received such awards as the Consumer Choice Awards and Best in Vancouver 2017. Magazines like Vancouver Magazine and Zink Magazine agree that the spa is one of the best relaxation and health spots, with top therapists at their disposal.

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464 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1V4, Phone: 604-688-4769, website