Hornby Island, BC, Canada, tucked away in within the Salish Sea, is a small community that attracts the creative soul, as well as outdoor recreation lovers. The Canadian island is an oasis of joyful revelling, lush forests, and sandy beaches. Many people who have come for a visit have ended up moving to the island. Hornby Island, Canada has a magic and mystery to it that is difficult to capture in words, and offers a variety of experiences so that any visitors can enjoy their visit. The island community welcomes visitors who appreciate the culture and nature of the island. Scroll to see the full list with photos or jump to the table of contents.

Things to Do on Hornby Island

Things to Do on Hornby Island

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Some of the world’s best experiences in mountain biking can be found on Hornby Island. Whether visitors are beginners who are just starting out with mountain biking or seasoned racers who seek some of the fastest and smoothest trails there are, the island has mountain biking trails for everyone of all skill levels. There are many access point to trails throughout Hornby Island, so guests are likely to have one nearby wherever they may be staying on the island. Visitors won’t have to load up their car to get to the trails, as they are never more than a short ride to the closest trail.

Kayaking is another popular experience among visitors and locals alike on Hornby Island. The island is a perfect place for ocean kayaking, as it is situated within the protected calm waters of the Georgia Strait, located between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Kayakers may see a variety of bird species, whales, sea lions, seals, eagles, and more depending on the time of the year.

More Things to Do on Hornby Island

More Things to Do on Hornby Island

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British Columbia in Canada is widely considered as North America’s number one destination for diving. The waters surrounding Hornby Island are some of the most colorful in all of the Pacific Northwest region, and are home to a wide array of marine life, including colorful fauna, rockfish, harbor seals, wolf eels, and Giant Pacific octopus. The waters around Hornby Island provide gentle current and good visibility, while the terrain offers sculpted underwater sandstone reefs, deep dives, wall dives, and drift dives. In more shallow depths, the reefs can be accessed from the shore, or are accessible by jumping off the back of a boat, to experience some great snorkeling. During the winter months, visitors can have a memorable experience of frolicking with sea lions thanks to remarkable visibility.

The Hornby Island Natural History Centre can be found in the Hornby Island Community School. The center features a broad range of exhibits that focus on the geology, plants, and wildlife found across Hornby Island. Visitors can view a stunning collection of birds native to Hornby Island, as well as a display of fossils that have been unearthed on the island, including the backbones of a mosasaur. There are also an array of hands-on educational activities for kids of any age.

Visitors wanting to see all Hornby Island has to offer can also spend some time looking at the stars at the island’s observatory. Sessions at the observatory start when the sun goes down, and continue for two hours, including a tour and a presentation of the stars. Guests can also visit the observatory during the day.

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