The Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood, California is open to the public for tours. Guests are invited to see behind the scenes and experience the sets and props used in some of their favorite Warner Brothers films and television shows. Backlot tours show guests the sets of classic movies such as Batman and Casablanca along with television shows such as Friends and Gilmore Girls. Due to current filming schedules, no two tours of the 110-acre lot are alike.

Prop department tours allow guests to explore over 48,000 registered artifacts stored in 200,000 square feet of space. Memorabilia from Warner Brothers’ movies and shows spans 100 years of film making, from Casablanca to The Hangover. Exhibits at the Studio include a Batmobile exhibit, which showcases several of Batman’s cars and motorcycles from 1989 through 2016. DC Universe: The Exhibit features the villains and super heroes from DC Comic books. The exhibit includes rare first editions of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman comic books, as well as comic books from all seven of the Justice League heroes. Authentic props and costumes from Warner Brothers superhero movies are on display. New to the exhibit is a section devoted to the recent Wonder Woman movie. Guests can see authentic props from the movie including Wonder Woman’s lasso, tiara and sword. Set design elements are on display as well, including Dr. Maru’s Laboratory. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts exhibits over 15 years of costumes and props from the Harry Potter films. Stage 48: Script to Screen is an interactive exhibit offering a 45-minute self-guided experience that teaches guests about all aspects of film and television production. In the pre-production and production exhibits, visitors can build their own Batmobile, cast their own shows, and record real test shots at the authentic Central Perk set from the television series, Friends. Visitors may even purchase coffee from the set, which doubles as a real café. A post-production exhibit introduces guests to the green screen, and the special effect of motion capture. Visitors can play with sound and audio effects in a state-of-the-art recording studio. The Stage 48 exhibit concludes with the Legacy Room, a tribute to classic, award-winning Warner Brothers films and shows. In a tribute to the founding four brothers of Warner Brothers, guests will see some of the most recognizable props from popular movies, as well as a collection of awards the studio has won over the years.

History: The Warner Brothers were four brothers, Adam, Harry, Jack and Sam. The brothers were showing and producing films as early as 1903. By 1924, they were considered Hollywood’s most successful independent studio. The 62-acre lot on which the studio is located, was built in 1926 by First National Pictures. Warner Brothers purchased a major interest in the lot after the success of The Jazz Singer, one of the first ‘talking pictures.’ The studio has been giving informal tours of the grounds since the day it was opened. In 1971, after merging with Columbia Pictures and expanding The Burbank Studios, the new company opened a public facing tour program to increase revenue. The tours quickly gained in popularity with over 15,000 people attending annually. In the 1990’s, Warner Brothers reclaimed the entire lot from Columbia Pictures when The Burbank Studios dissolved. This allowed for the studio tours to expand. The addition of a public-facing ticketing office, which did not require visitors to receive a lot pass prior to purchasing tickets, increased access and attendance.

Ongoing Programs and Education: Three different tours of the Warner Brothers Studios are available. The Studio Tour explores the backlots, soundstages and each of the exhibits. The guided portion of the tour last approximately 2 hours, and guests may spend as much time as needed enjoying the self-guided exhibits. The guided portion of the Deluxe Tour lasts approximately 5 hours. Guests who arrive 15 minutes early are treated to a continental breakfast and coffee. Lunch at the Commissary Fine Dining Room is included in the tour, and after lunch, guests are treated to an exclusive tour of the studio lot, a look at post-production work, and a visit to The Mill, where studio craftsmen build special effects and sets. Also included on the Deluxe Tour is a visit to the Costume Department where visitors may see designers in action working on current films. The Studio hosts specially themed holiday tours, including Horror Made Here, a Halloween themed tour which focuses on the sets, props and costumes from Warner Brothers’ horror movies.

3400 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank, CA 91505, Phone: 877-492-8687

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