Art can soothe anyone and give someone something to look forward to. That’s the beauty of art and the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara is a place where art lovers can go and spend their time in the midst of some of the most beautiful pieces of art around.

Established in 1965, the Triton Museum of Art also doubles as a history museum showcasing some of the best in art history and culture. The museum is located in California and has been a leading center for art and culture in the area. Numerous people visit the Triton Museum of Art every day and indulge their artistic sides through these exploring these beautiful pieces of art. The Triton Museum has been a center for artistic expression for the community as well as for the people coming to experience what this beautiful place has to offer. The museum showcases work from local as well as international artists and is a center for artistic learning, where people who are looking to learn more about art can come and gain some insightful knowledge. The museum stands by its mission to creatively enhance the lives of people who are moved by art.

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The Triton Museum of Art aims to educate and inspire people who are seeking a creative outlet. Numerous people come to the museum with the hope of broadening their perspectives in art and to learn about the different nuances of the craft that have been passed down through the ages. The Triton Museum of Art hosts paintings and artworks by people from all over the world, which is especially good for people who want to see the way this creative form is represented all over the world. The artworks showcased here range from modern contemporary to historic pieces. Some of these pieces have an important relevance to their original communities and have been passed down through many generations.

The exhibits on display here range from a varied array of artistic genres, doubling as a real treat for anyone with a preference for specific and out-of-the-box styles. The museum conducts numerous events on a regular basis, something that anyone planning a visit to the museum should indulge in!

Education is one of the main focuses of the museum and it believes in adopting learning as an important part of its programs. The museum aims to help people broaden their understanding of art and the pieces in the gallery as well to help them develop their skills and artistic sense. The programs offered here are specifically designed while keeping in mind different age groups and various levels of artistic maturity. The Triton Museum of Art hosts art programs for kids and teens to get them interested in this beautiful world, and tries its best help them develop their skills when it comes to this creative outlet.

The Triton Museum of Art doesn't leave out adult visitors and offers programs specifically catered to their interests as well as tours and history workshops about the numerous pieces within the museum, not to mention a unique coffee session with the curators of some of the artworks in the gallery on special days.

Located just near Warburton Avenue, the Triton Museum of Art is extremely accessible to people living in the Santa Clara area and is conveniently located close to the freeway and connecting roads. Entry to the museum is free, and no charges are levied for any of the tours or for viewing any of the exhibitions within the museum. However, among the numerous educational programs they conduct, not all the workshops are free. A small number of them have to be paid for, depending upon the kind of course or workshop you wish to attend. The Art tours here are a must for anyone who wants to get a more in-depth explanation of some of the paintings that adorn the walls of this museum. The tours held here are also dependent on the group size, with special tours that specially cater to people of different ages and group size.

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1505 Warburton Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050, Phone: 408-247-3754