Treehouse Café in Carmel, California offers patrons the opportunity to experience great food in a great setting. Founded by two friends, Treehouse Café offers both lunch and dinner menu options that are familiar yet deliciously comforting. From grilled salmon to beef stroganoff, patrons have a wide assortment of delicious menu items to choose from when dining at Treehouse Café. In addition to the good food, customers can enjoy their meals with a glass or bottle of wine from the well-crafted wine list.

With a delicious menu and great atmosphere, Treehouse Café is a great choice for anyone visiting Carmel, California.


Reservations for Tree House Café can be made calling the restaurant directly at 831-626-1111.


Tree House Café serves up a number of tried-and-true dishes as well as dishes with a twist to offer patrons a sense of familiarity as well as the opportunity to experience something different. Some of the menu options available at Treehouse Café are as follows.

Main Menu

· Appetizers: grilled calamari, steamed clams, Thai pork sausage, grilled prawns, hummus, Greek dolmas, and more.

· Entrees: sea bass, Spanish paella, Thai chicken curry, smoked salmon ravioli, lamb kebab, prawn fajitas, seafood saffron risotto, Beef stroganoff, royal feast, grilled salmon and more; pasta: lasagna, veggie pasta, chicken pesto pasta, eggplant pasta, and more.

· Soup and salad: veggie lentil or coconut prawn soup; Greek chicken salad, Greek salad, gyros salad, salmon salad, arugula salad, and more.

International Menu

· Appetizers: chicken cheese quesadilla, Thai pork sausage, Asian spring rolls, grilled calamari, bruschetta, smoked salmon, and more.

· Soup/Salads: soups: coconut prawn or veggie lentil soup; salad: grilled salmon salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, arugula salad, and more.

· Entrees: pad thai, Russian beef stroganoff, chicken or lamb kebabs, prawn fajitas, seafood pasta, chicken pesto pasta, smoked salmon ravioli, sandabs, and more.

· Pizza/Sandwiches/Burgers: smoked salmon pizza, eggplant sandwich, chicken pesto sandwich, gyros sandwich, turkey and tuna melt, All-American cheeseburger, Greek burger, and gyros sandwich.

Wines - Treehouse Café offers an assortment of wines such as champagne, fine, house, and local wines.


Tree House Café offers catering services to the public. Individuals who are interested in utilizing Treehouse Café for an off-site event can contact the restaurant directly at 831-626-1111.


Treehouse Café, San Carlos Street (at 7th and 8th), Carmel, CA 93921, Phone: 831-626-1111

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