California is filled with beautiful, cultural, artistic locations, and San Diego stands out as one of the greatest. Home to such iconic landmarks as the San Diego Zoo and USS Midway Museum, this California coastal city is also renowned for its vibrant and ever-evolving artistic scene.

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Home to the astonishing beauty of Balboa Park and so much culture and history, San Diego is a prime location for artists of all ages and abilities to prosper, with so much inspiration all around them, but the city’s aspiring artists have sometimes struggled to find the space and resources they need to share their creations with the world.

Space 4 Art is attempting to change all of that.

Space 4 Art - A Home for Art in San Diego

Space 4 Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering spaces and resources for art and artists to thrive and develop in the city of San Diego. For over a decade now, with plenty of ups and downs along the way, Space 4 Art has been focused on offering spaces to artists from all walks of life, with a strong belief that art should be accessible to all and every aspiring talent deserves to be nurtured.

- The History - The Space 4 Art story begins in 2008 when over 300 San Diego citizens, through a course of meetings and surveys, started to look at the many challenges facing emerging and aspiring artists in San Diego. They discovered that there was a severe lack of spaces and resources for artists to live, work, and exhibit their creations. Thus, Space 4 Art was formed. It officially became a non-profit in 2013, but has been working since 2009 to provide spaces for artists. This began with a temporary Arts Center in the East Village. The gentrification of this area led to the loss of these facilities in 2017, but Space 4 Art has remained committed to its cause and now plans to construct a permanent home on Market Street.

- The Cause - The new home of Space 4 Art is set to break ground in 2020 and will featured around 36,000 square feet of space for artists to live and work, as well as art lovers to visit and admire various exhibitions, shows, and displays. It will feature living and working facilities for over 50 artists, as well as classrooms, a gallery, an outdoor amphitheater, and more. As well as working towards the creation of this unique artistic facility in the heart of San Diego, Space 4 Art also organizes events, community outreach, and educational programming with local young people and students to engage the communities of the city with the art world and encourage more young artists to follow their hopes and dreams.

Support Space 4 Art

Space 4 Art is doing some very inspiring work and making a big difference to the lives of residents of San Diego, as well as visitors to the city, and the future of the art world in general. By providing space and resources for artists of all backgrounds and abilities, Space 4 Art is pushing towards a brighter future for the whole San Diego area, and if you admire the work being done by this non-profit, there are a few ways you can help out and make a difference:

- Donations - Like any non-profit, Space 4 Art relies on the kindness and generosity of donors. Without donations, the dreams of this organization and the many people who support it simply cannot be realized. Space 4 Art encourages anyone who is able to donate whatever they can afford, and even the smallest of donations can make a real difference for the future of art in San Diego. Especially now that Space 4 Art is working towards the construction of a permanent home on Market St, donations are more essential than ever before. All donors will receive the peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing they supported a worthy cause, as well as getting their names hand-carved into the balusters of the stairways around the Space 4 Art home.

- Volunteer - As an artist and community-driven organization, Space 4 Art needs volunteers to perform a wide variety of tasks like maintaining the space and helping the organization continue to progress in its art and outreach programming. Whether you're interested in joining up with a community build, looking after the space itself, or being involved in events teams during exhibitions and openings, working as a volunteer with Space 4 Art can be a very rewarding experience. To find out more and register your interest, you can fill out an online contact form with some basic information.

- Spread the Word - Space 4 Art has undergone some tough times and hardships over the years, but it’s continued to bounce back and push towards a better future for art in San Diego. Even if you can’t volunteer or donate cash to the organization, simply raising awareness can make a real difference. Spreading the #MakeSpace4Art hashtag on social media, telling your friends and family about the organization, and getting people around you interested in Space 4 Art are just a few ways to get more people caring and supporting this important organization. website