Pono is a Hawaiian-inspired organic burger restaurant founded by Chef Makani, a Hawaiian native who has a high regard towards healthy eating. A stylish beach-themed spot complete with a patio, it derives its name from the Hawaiian word pono, which means “to do things the right way”. Other than Santa Monica, the Pono chain operates in two other locations, at Venice and West Hollywood of California. The Pono eateries serve organic, grass-fed beef burgers, fries, beer, and shakes.

The eatery prides itself on the fact that it serves organic ingredients sourced from local farmers markets and their organic beef burgers use fresh, certified organic beef from pasture raised, grass-fed cows instead of frozen beef patties. All Pono ingredients come from small, California family farms and ranches that are committed to quality and operate with a deep understanding of sustainable methods of farming.


Pono Burger of Santa Monica operates daily Sunday through Thursday from 11:00am to 9:00pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00am to 10:00pm. Happy hour is Monday to Friday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Santa Monica Menu

· Starters - Russet and Okinawan purple potato chips, sliders, Pitman Family Farms chicken nuggets, ponzu avocado dip, Pitman Family Farms chicken skewers, wild-caught prawns, and wild-caught spicy ahi tuna poke.

· Sandwiches - Wild-caught ahi tuna, portobello mushroom, and breakfast sandwich. Sandwiches are served on a daily baked and toasted brioche bun or gluten-free bun.

· Burgers - Kuawa Crunch, Palahu “turkey”, Piku “fig”, Paniolo, Palani, Sweet Mona, Sassy Wahine, and classic burgers. Burgers are served on a daily baked and toasted brioche bun or gluten-free bun and the patties are seasoned with Pono's house-made dry rub and kosher salt.

· Salads - Farmers market mix, and baby kale and farro.

· Fries - French-inspired hand-cut russet potato fries and hand-cut sweet potato fries tossed with finely chopped organic fresh thyme parsley and kosher salt and served piping hot

· Craft Beer - Seasonal rotating tap served by pint or pitcher, and bottled beer.

· Wine - Red and white wines served by the glass or by the bottle.

· Beverages - Organic lemonade, organic strawberry lemonade, Numi iced organic green tea, Numi iced organic chocolate, pu-erh black tea, and bottled sodas.

· Sweets - Chia pudding, and Straus Family Creamery organic milkshakes topped with house-made maple syrup-infused whipped cream.

Reservations, Order and Delivery

Pono’s dine-in reservations are powered by the OpenTable online application, while the online orders for pickup and delivery are powered by ChowNow online orders. Both applications can be found on the Pono Burger website.

Catering and Private Party

Groups of 12 or more are required to contact Ryan Deist at rdeist@ponoburger.com for catering and private party reservations at Pono Burger.

Free Parking

The Santa Monica Pono location offers free parking in the shop's underground garage, which is open only for Pono Burger guests. Guests can also choose to reserve a paid parking spot in advance from the various parking lots available in the vicinity.

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Pono Burger, 829 Broadway, Santa Monica, California 90401, website, Phone: 310-584-7005