Rodeo Drive is one of the most famous streets in the world. Located mostly in the beautiful, star-studded city of Beverly Hills in California, Rodeo Drive runs from Beverwil Drive in Los Angeles through to Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Well known for being a popular spot with film stars and other celebrities from all around the world, Rodeo Drive is widely regarded as one of the most elegant and fancy streets in the entire US, lined on either side with luxury goods stores.

Its huge reputation has actually led to the street becoming a highly popular tourist spot, meaning that countless people flock to Rodeo Drive almost every single day, many in the hopes of spotting a star from the movies. If you want to visit Rodeo Drive as well, you need to be prepared and there is some key information that all Rodeo Drive visitors need to know. Things to Do in Beverly Hills

Visiting Rodeo Drive

If you plan on visiting Rodeo Drive, one of the very first things to know is how to say its name out loud. Most people are tempted to pronounce ‘Rodeo’ the same way we would normally talk about the cattle-herding sport (Row-dee-oh), however, the 'Rodeo' in Rodeo Drive is pronounced differently, with the emphasis on the second syllable. This means the word is pronounced more like 'Row-day-oh', almost as though there was a French accent on the 'e': Rodéo.

Once you know how to say Rodeo Drive properly, you're ready to visit it, but be prepared to adjust your expectations. Many people approach Rodeo Drive expecting quite a large shopping street with millionaire movie stars waltzing down either side. The reality is very different. It is totally possible to spot a celeb at Rodeo Drive from time to time, but you're much more likely to simply see hordes of tourists wandering around and snapping photos, staring through windows of the luxury stores, and simply admiring the place in general.

In short, it’s important to know that Rodeo Drive's reputation exceeds its reality and it has now become more of a tourist hotspot than anything else. Fortunately, it's quite easy to access and parking can be found very quickly, with valet services at Dayton Way, which intersects with Rodeo Drive, or simple parking structures on Brighton Way and Santa Monica Boulevard, a short walk from Rodeo Drive.

Things to Do on Rodeo Drive

There are several things to do on Rodeo Drive, with the most obvious option of all being to simply wander around and admire the location. It's a beautiful, well-maintained street with a lot of luxury brand stores and attractive landmarks to enjoy and snap photos of. As previously mentioned, a lot of tourists gather here every single day to take photos and simply enjoy the surroundings, so nobody needs to feel left out or different if they only happen to be there to walk around, rather than actually doing any shopping. Many people like to take photos or selfies beneath the 'Via Rodeo' sign, which sits at Rodeo Drive's intersection with Wilshire Boulevard.

Other cool things to see and snap some photos of include the 'Torso' sculpture and surrounding 'Walk of Style'. Just like the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive is home to its own set of commemorative plaques, but instead of celebrating film stars and singers, this little row is dedicated to people or organizations which contributed to the fashion world like Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Cartier, Iman, and others. Over a dozen of these plaques can be found along the Walk of Style, which was opened in 2003 and honored by the aforementioned Torso sculpture, created by Robert Graham. If you’re interested in fashion icons or the fashion world in general, this is a great little spot to visit in California.

If you actually want to go ahead and do some shopping on Rodeo Drive, you’ll need to have the cash and cards to back it up. As one might expect, this isn’t a discount area and you won’t find any budget brands along Rodeo Drive.

Instead, the area is lined with many famous European fashion brands like Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, Armani, and more. Some places even require an appointment just for entry. If you make a habit of shopping at luxury stores and brands, this street will feel like home, but many people simply prefer to admire the store fronts and ogle through the windows. Due to its location, Rodeo Drive offers a good gateway to other popular areas like the rest of Beverly Hills, where tours of celebrity homes can be enjoyed.

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