The Eaton House Museum brings the history of Redding, California and Shasta County to life through various exhibits that highlight the colorful past of the region, from the 1800’s up through present day. Visitors can come and explore the museum to discover what life was like in the region during the Victorian Era. Guests will can take a journey back through time as they look at what Shasta County was like back during the Victorian Era and the era of the Gold Rush.

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In 2003, Judge Richard Eaton, Superior County Superior Court Judge of Shasta County and local historian, passed away. He had a dream to share his family history and a collection of historical memorabilia with the community, as well as to enrich the cultural and educational experience of adults and children alike. To fulfill this dream, Judge Eaton created the Behrens-Eaton Trust. This trust stipulated that the home of his family and the contents within, as well as the surrounding grounds of the house, were to be opened to the public as a history museum. This free museum serves as a depiction of how life was during the Victorian Era and the Gold Rush Era in the region of northern California.

There are several different exhibits for visitors to explore in the Eaton House Museum. The main goal behind Judge Eaton establish the Behrens-Eaton Trust was to provide the citizens and children of Shasta County with a venue to learn more about the history of the local area. The dream of Judge Eaton seems to be definitely coming true as local historians and school children are finding out that the Eaton House Museum, as well as its library, offer an abundance in historical photographs and historical information.

The Eaton House Museum’s Redding and Shasta County exhibit features a collection of various items from the Shasta County region. Thanks to four generations of the pioneering Eaton and Behrens families, quite a bit of the history of the local area has been preserved. The Victorian Living exhibit displays an assortment of objects from the Victorian Era. From pieces of silverware to the period furniture, every item in the collection carries the elegance and history from the time period. Visitors may be surprised by how much of the life and culture of the Victorian Era can be seen through such pieces, and the collection is certainly an interesting sight.

The Collection of Antique and Vintage Books at the Eaton House Museum features an exclusive and extensive collection of notebooks and books from the rich history of Shasta County. The museum also features an assortment of antique books that visitors may not be able to look at anywhere else. These books cannot be take outside of the Eaton House Museum, however, guests are welcome to visit the museum and read the books during their visit. The War Memorabilia exhibit displays a variety of artifacts and memorabilia associated with World War II. These items are from the time Judge Eaton served in the United States military.

1520 West Street, Redding, California, Phone: 530-241-3454

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