The Powerhouse Science Center is located in Sacramento, California, and serves as an institution to inspire the overall community to explore and take on the responsibilities of science. The Powerhouse Science Center in California is divided among different areas to provide visitors with an interactive and explorative experience.

The Powerhouse Science Center was originally founded as the California Junior Museum in 1951. This museum was a place where children could explore various aspects of science and nature by participating in interactive programs that were spread out across the museum and various exhibits. In recent years, the California Junior Museum was renamed as the Powerhouse Science Center to represent the abundance of scientific information that the museum makes available to the general public.

As of today, the Powerhouse Science Center has been a nonprofit agency for over 60 years and has provide 19 counties in California with an informal form of scientific education and activities.

In order to provide visitors with a truly unique and surprising experience, the Powerhouse Science Center does not provide much information about its permanent attractions on their website.

Science in Motion is a STEM-based exhibit that promotes hands-on involvement in order to explore and fully understand some of the monumental foundations of physical science. Some of the basic foundations that are explored in Science in Motion include Newton’s Law of Motion and Nano Technology. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the relationship between sailboats and wind, how circuits are connected to a power light, and what causes jets to fly. Visitors even have the chance to customize their own mini air car and take it home with them.

Nature Discovery explores the fundamental basics of natural and environmental sciences. An array of animals are displayed in this indoor exhibit. Each animal habitat is created to replicate what their habitat looks like in a typical environment. There are a variety of hands-on activities as well as interactive portions in the Nature Discovery exhibit.

Since one of the missions of the Powerhouse Science Center is to provide visitors with new and innovative science information and experiences, the Powerhouse Science Center offers a variety of special attractions. It’s important to note that these special attractions are continuously changing, so check the Powerhouse Science Center’s website prior to visiting.

Mars Week at Powerhouse is the only special attraction that is currently at the Powerhouse Science Center. This exhibit demonstrates what it would take to prepare, travel, and explore mars. This interactive exhibit is available until December 31, 2016.

The Powerhouse Science Center offers a variety of educational opportunities for children and families. Like most museums, the Powerhouse Science Center offers extensive school field trips that enable children to see a behind the scenes look into some of the museum’s most renowned exhibits. Another school-based program is the classroom opportunity. During the classroom program, a representative of the Powerhouse Science Center travels to a classroom, and brings along either a few animals, environmental samples, or a small combination of both. The museum representative then leads a class discussion that will teach the classroom about what the representative brought from the museum, as well as touching on fundamentals of the current curriculum.

The Powerhouse Science Center also has many educational programs that are based within the museum. One of these programs is the Challenger Learning Center.

The Challenger Learning Center is a replica of what working at NASA would be like. During this program, participants are able to take on various roles that they could possibly carry out at NASA. Typical activities that go on in the Challenger Learning Center include; crafting robotic arms, performing various science experiments, learning about probes, and the process of training and supporting astronauts from Mission Control. Thus, this is the perfect program for children who are interested in space and NASA.

Another popular educational program is Digging up the Past. Digging up the Past enables participants to go on a full archaeological investigation. During the activity, participants will learn and utilize objectives from various subjects such as math, history, reading, and science.

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3615 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821, Phone: 916-808-3942

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