Staying fit is so important and can provide a whole host of amazing benefits to everyone’s lives. First of all, getting fit and in shape really helps you to feel better about your own physical appearance. Looking in the mirror each day to see a lean, well-toned body can do wonders for one’s self-confidence.

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But getting fit isn’t just about attaining your dream beach body. It can also help out when dealing with stress or mental exhaustion, cuts down your risks of heart disease and high blood pressure, gives you a chance of making some new friends, and is a wonderful way to escape from daily life and do something fun and meaningful in your free time.

There are plenty of different places to work out but it’s vital to choose the right one. Boring gyms and lifeless fitness studios simply aren’t good enough for people who want to get results and have fun doing it. If you’re looking for great fitness studios in the LA area, Platefit is the name you need to know.

The Platefit Difference

There are so many different gyms and fitness studios out there nowadays, and an even greater number of fitness plans and workouts to try, but the main problem that so many people tend to find when trying to follow popular workout plans and exercise systems is that they simply last too long or don't provide the desired results. Platefit is different. Here's how this system works and why it stands out from the crowd:

· Efficiency - Platefit is an exercise plan designed for busy people with lots going on in their lives. The expert designers of this program understand that many people have hobbies, careers, social lives, and family commitments taking up their time and can't afford to spend hours and hours working out on a daily basis. A classic, signature Platefit workout lasts for just 27 minutes. This means you'll be working out for less than half an hour in total, making it super easy to incorporate Platefit workouts in your daily routine.

· Intensity - You might be thinking that since Platefit workouts are so speedy, perhaps they don't offer the same benefits and results as full hour-long fitness classes? In actuality, Platefit can be even better and provide even faster visible results than other fitness studios due to the high-intensity nature of these workouts. For the full 27 minutes of each session, your heart will be racing and your muscles will be moving, with workouts designed to get lots of muscle groups moving for maximum benefits.

· Fun - Ever tried working out on your own and trying to get yourself motivated and pumped up in a dull, lifeless gym environment? It's very difficult, and many people end up giving up on their own fitness plans and gym memberships because they're just not fun or engaging enough. Platefit is designed to keep your motivated and smiling at all times, with all sessions being led by trained, professional, entertaining instructors who will stop at nothing to motivate you. Not only that, but fast beats and high intensity tunes will be blasting through the room at all times, encouraging you to keep moving no matter what.

· Simplicity - While some gyms and fitness studios introduce you to dozens of different pieces of equipment and ways of exercising that can all seem quite overwhelming, especially to beginners, Platefit keeps things simple. Every class takes place on the signature Platefit Power Plate. A medical-grade workout device with a vibrating platform and sturdy stability handles, the Power Plate aids with muscle toning and development, as well as removing cellulite, boosting the lymph system, and offering a whole host of extra benefits, and it's super simple to use as well.

· Varied - Platefit keeps things simple in terms of the equipment you need to get to grips with, but it offers a lot of variety in terms of workout type. You can enjoy all kinds of exercise classes here, with some focused on abs and core strength and others incorporate barre and dance moves to increase flexibility and really get your heart racing. Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone your muscles, build up physical strength, or more, you'll find what you need at Platefit.

· Affordable - While some gyms charge crazy membership fees and attempt to bamboozle you with confusing subscription systems, Platefit keeps everything simple, transparent, and affordable. You'll find full membership plans as well as one-off entry payments and packages without any commitments.

Platefit is one of the best fitness brands in the Los Angeles area and you can visit any of the three studios (in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Studio City) to get started. New members can even enjoy great discounts and exclusive special offers, so if you want to change your life and start feeling and looking better in many different ways, book a class at Platefit today. website