Located in Stanton, Orange County, this is one of California’s smallest amusement parks. Though small, the park hosts two hundred thousand to four hundred thousand visitors a year and offers family fun for everyone. Adventure City opened in 1994, costing four million dollars, as an extension of Hobby City. Hobby City was a six-acre grouping of museums and novelty shops.

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It was advertised as an alternative that was much more affordable than Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. The miniature railroad, opened in 1938, from Hobby City was incorporated as part of Adventure City. The park boasted a 1946 classic carousel as part of it’s opening day rides.

The amusement park bought and renovated a 1950s classic rollercoaster in the style of Wild Mouse. The coaster was christened Tree Top Racers and it boundaries expanded into the parking lot to the west. This ride was the first new ride addition since Adventure City opened. Tree Top Racers was closed for good in 2012.

Adventure City opened the Drop Zone in 2005, which was only its second new ride addition since opening in 1994. After closing down Tree Top Racer, the park opened Rewind Racers which cost two million dollars and was a family shuttle roller coaster, in 2015 when it celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Rewind Racers is the first ride of this kind ever opened in North America and is also the largest investment in the history of Adventure City.


The Adventure City amusement park offers rides and attractions the whole family will enjoy.

Rides- Several different types of rides can be found all over the park.

· Rewind Racer- This roller coaster is the first reversing and forward family coaster in North America.

· Carousel- This carousel is a classic 1946 carousel with twenty horses and is located right at the heart of Adventure City.

· Drop Zone- These forty-five towers take riders slowly to the top. Once at the top, the tower plunges riders to the bottom.

· Balloon Ride- Rides take a tour of a mini- airport terminal, learn about aviation and listen to an air control operator direct planes. This is followed by the Great Balloon Race. Air balloon baskets take riders twenty-five feet into the air and spin them around.

· Barnstormer Planes- Riders get to fly their own bi-plane.

· Freeway Coaster- This coaster is geared towards younger children and provides family fun for everyone,

· Crank’n’Roll- This mini-train allows children to play the part of engineer.

· Adventure City Express Train- Built in 1945 as art of Hobby City, the train is now part of Adventure City and takes riders on a tour of the park.

· Crazy Bus- This is a swooping ride that takes rides up and around in a circle.

· Giggle Wheel- This is Adventure City’s version of the Ferris Wheel.

Other Attractions- Adventure City has several other attractions for families to enjoy.

· Rescue 911- Children experience what it’s like to be a fire fighter and police officer. They get to try on real fire fighting helmets and jackets. Visitors will be entertained by the funny fictional emergency calls on the intercom by a real 911 dispatcher.

· Petting Farm- This is Adventure City’s petting zoo.

· Rock Climbing- There are three sides that offer challenges to climbers on this twenty-four-foot rock tower.

· Children’s Theater- Adventure city offers a variety of educational and entertaining shows for kids.

· Arcade- The Arcade offers several skill-based challenging games for all members of the family to enjoy. The games award tickets that can be exchanged for prizes.

· Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends- Children help each other build train layouts using wooden bridges, trains, and tracks.

Special Events

Adventure City offers places for birthday parties.

· Party Station- The Party Station is a dining room that can hold any size event. Children climb on their own Taxi provided by Adventure City and taken to the party. The Adventure City Express may even roll through the dining hall.

· Party Tree House- Children experience what partying in a tree house is like. This party room comes complete with a bear singing from above, butterflies flying overhead, and gifts bordering the ceiling.

Adventure City can host corporate or private events as well. The park has planned gatherings for up to two thousand people.


Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the park, other than baby food and formula. There are picnic table outside the entrance to the park for visitors who want to pack their own meals.

Parker’s Fill-Up Station inside the park offers a variety of foods and drinks such as pizza. Sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and curly fries. The Station also offers snack food and sweets such as pretzels, ICEEs, churros, ice cream and sliced apples with caramel.

1238 South Beach Blvd, Anaheim, California, Phone: 714-236-9300

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