Founded in 1726, the Old Mission Santa Barbara in California opened its doors to the community back in 1820. Since then it has grown into a historical and cultural landmark in the heart of Santa Barbara. It was the tenth of 21 Californian missions that took place, and was founded by the Spanish Franciscans. The mission includes by a church, an active parish, a gift shop, a museum, a mausoleum, a cemetery, and a community of Franciscan friars. The architectural style depicts the Spanish Colonial era and was designed by Antonio Ripoll. The mission has been named the “Queen of the Missions.”

Tours of the Mission Santa Barbara

There is so much in-depth detail to Santa Barbara that its vivid history is best explained by an experienced tour guide who knows the entirety of the grandeur and hidden gems of both the mission and Santa Barbara. The highlights of the tours include the magnificent architecture of the church façade and convent. There is also a self-guided tour that allows visitors to set a personal pace while taking in the sites of the historic mausoleum, sacred garden, museum, and mission church. The Docent Guided Public Tour takes 60 minutes to complete and is led by friendly and knowledgeable experts. There is also a chance to get a peek into the history of the mission as well as its system, including the Franciscan friars and Alta, California. Finally, there are additional tours, including a private tours, art and architecture tours, the docent guided tour + Huerta Garden, and the Mission Treasure Tour, which lasts 90 minutes.

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The Santa Barbara Mausoleum

A treasured landmark of Santa Barbara, the mausoleum is of great importance to Santa Barbara, but also to Mexico, Spain, California, and way beyond. The mausoleum has been renovated and restored, including the columbarium, which holds cremated remains. The mausoleum acted as a final resting place for citizens and Franciscan friars who came here to meet their end and were laid to rest in the early Santa Barbara years.

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2201 Laguna St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA, Phone: 805-682-4713

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