The Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center is an arts, events, and museum space located in Orange County, California. Opening its doors to the public in 2007, the center runs a creative program focusing on honoring culture, history, heritage, and art. The center offers ticketed and non-ticketed exhibits as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Outside, the Carnegie Plaza & Courtyard contains modern style waterscapes, olive trees, bamboo linings, and a 4,780-square-foot space that is often rented out for private events. Inside, the Muzeo Main Gallery features a state-of-the-art sound system, LCD projectors, track lighting, drop-down screens and over 25,000 square feet of space in the multi-use complex. The Carnegie Gallery, where many of the events take place, dates back to 1908 and is registered on the United States National Register of Historic Places. Previously housing the city library, the Carnegie Gallery changed purpose in 1987 to become part of the Anaheim Museum, and then in 2007 it became part of Muzeo. It boasts 4,100 feet of space, two floors and the spaces of the Sandra Day Lower Lobby, Turner Construction Gallery, South Gallery, Upper Lobby, and the Steve & Kathleen Kabel Discovery Room.

Muzeo has a firm link to the local community as well as local artists and performers and has been founded on the idea that it is a “museum without walls,” accessible to all races, genders, ages, backgrounds, and classes. Once a year, Muzeo hosts an event known as the TrashARTist Challenge. This challenge encourages a zero-waste policy and participants who take part recycle their trash and turn it into art. Aimed at students, the competition is open to participants from all over the country. After the competition finishes, those selected may attend the subsequent Expo & Awards Ceremony. The objective of the competition is to raise awareness about recycling in the community and to engage individuals in creativity. Also hosted is an annual gala. Muzeo is a not-for-profit museum and relies on its thrice-annual travel exhibitions, its creative program, donations, membership, and volunteers keep it running.

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Muzeo does not have what is generally known as permanent collections, but it does have some spaces with fixed exhibitions around the local area. For those interested in the history of Anaheim and Orange County, the Anaheim: A Walk Through Local History exhibition provides plenty of information and artifacts to browse. Originally curated during the time period when the Historic Carnegie gallery was known as the Anaheim Museum, the gallery is filled with a permanent collection of artifacts, photographs, and educational information about Anaheim and the local area. Within the collection, visitors can view archived items from the city's leaders and founders such as objects from the Anaheim Stadium. Highlights are the 19th-century citrus farming tools and winery tools as well as age old Native American wares and fossils that have been discovered in Anaheim and Orange County.

A notable family from Anaheim’s history were the Hirahara family, as can be seen in various photos within the Anaheim: A Walk Through Local History exhibition. The family were prominent figures of ethnicity and success in the city and were well regarded as figureheads for the Japanese community living alongside the Americans. The locally dwelling Japanese and Americans worked together in businesses, farming, and churches during the early beginnings of Orange County, a relationship that is still celebrated to this day.

Located within the grounds is the Anaheim Heritage Center, part of the Anaheim Public Library system. Whilst it is located within close proximity to the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Centre and many visitors also frequent the building after touring Muzeo, it is technically not included in the Muzeo collective. Situated near the Muzeo’s main gallery, the space holds around one million items that have been organized and cataloged so that they can be accessed by academics, researchers, and students. Due to the scale of the collection, there are trained staff on hand to assist individuals in locating what they need to find from the detailed collections.

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After-school classes for children vary throughout the year, but a range of creative subjects are taught for youths aged 14 to 21. In the past, there have been classes in calligraphy, photoshop, and fine art. The museum and cultural center has hosted live musicians and art festivals and also creates educational packs for educators to use in class. When it comes to adult learning, Muzeo hosts a range of talks from qualified and specialist individuals with topics ranging from creative to medical and places quickly sell out.

241 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805, Phone: 714-956-8936

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