Mojave Trails Monument is situated in Southern California between the cities of Barstow and Needles. With over 1.6 million acres of land, Mojave Trails Monument and National Preserve allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the southwestern United States.

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The Mojave Trails National Monument represents the importance of protecting the nature and culture of the United States.

The land of the Mojave Trails National Monument is the site of decades of important American history. Conserving the trails of Native Americans, the paths of American pioneers, and the last undeveloped portion of Route 66, this land has developed and changed throughout the years. Nevertheless, this national monument manages to maintain all of the history of the area.

Home to endangered species of wildlife, young volcanoes and lava flows, and fossil beds, this area is also of great scientific significance.

Because of these historic, cultural, and scientific factors, the Mojave Trails were protected as a national monument in 2016.

Permanent Attractions

Within the preserve, visitors can find a variety of beautiful locations with important cultural and historical significance.

Afton Canyon – Dubbed “the Grand Canyon of the Mojave,” Afton Canyon offers distinct natural beauty. Whether looking to picnic, go bird watching, or stay in the canyon’s campground, Afton Canyon has much to offer guests of the monument.

Amboy Crater – Accessible by car or three-mile hike, Amboy Crater claims one of the youngest volcanoes in North America.

Historic Route 66 – Visitors can take a drive through time by following a portion of Historic Route 66. History buffs will enjoy exploring the tiny towns dotted along this mostly untouched area of the road.

Amboy Road – Offering fantastic views of the Mojave Desert, this picturesque, hour-long drive begins at Joshua Tree National Park and takes visitors to Amboy, a small community with close ties to Historic Route 66.

Mojave Road – For a more rugged experience, visitors may want to trail along Mojave Road. This undeveloped area of the monument follows one of the routes traveled by pioneers as they entered California. The Mojave Trail National Monument recommends that visitors without four-wheel drive avoid this trail.

Bigelow Cholla Garden Wilderness – Within the Mojave Trails National Monument, visitors can enjoy the Bigelow Cholla Garden Wilderness, which preserves a crop of cholla cacti. Not only are the cacti beautiful to look at, but they also dwell within the natural habitat of some of the park’s wild animals. Visitors can expect to see jackrabbits and coyotes early in the morning and late at night.

Educational Opportunities

Mojave National Preserve gives groups of students the opportunity to explore nature in a hands-on outdoor setting.

Day Trips – Mojave Trails offers a slew of day trips to groups looking to spend a day learning in the desert. School groups have access to a park ranger who can take them on hikes to a variety of locations on the park’s grounds including Hole-in-the-Wall, Kelso Dunes, or Teutonia Peak Trail. Educators should consult the Field Trip Planning Guide on the park’s website.

Overnight Trips - For a more involved trip, school or Scouts groups may choose to stay in the park overnight. Guests camp within the park and complete customized programing with the help of a park ranger. Again, interested groups should learn more from the Field Trip Planning Guide and correspond with a ranger by phone or email.

School groups should give themselves sufficient time to drive to and from the park, as well as to travel between locations within the monument. Packing and planning should be done carefully to ensure that field trips happen successfully.

Special Events

Mojave Trails Monument offers special events to visitors looking to get more out of their trip to the park.

Guided Ranger Programs – Periodically, the park hosts Guided Ranger Programs to its visitors. These programs vary in focus from explorations of natural history, guided hikes, and presentations about the night sky. Customized programming can be prepared with advanced arrangement. Interested visitors should call or email for reservations.

Dining and Shopping

Although dining and shopping can be very limited at some points within the deserts of the Mojave Trails National Monument, there are several locations at which visitors can fuel up for their trip.

Surrounding communities include Ludlow, Amboy, Fenner, Fort Mohave, and Amboy Crater. At these locations, guests can purchase snacks, buy gas, and enjoy food at a variety of cafes and restaurants.

Guests should be sure to have plenty of water with them to avoid dehydration.

2701 Barstow Road, Barstow, CA 92311

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