We’re living in a world dominated by digital technology and man-made innovations, but the power of nature can never be understated or underestimated. Even now, at a time where anything seems possible with the power of technology, the wonders of the natural world can still have so many positive effects, and this can be seen on both grand and small scales.

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Whether you’re walking through a forest or admiring a simple garden, plants have the ability to bring joy, inspiration, and peace to all, and every home should have plenty of plantlife in and around it. Shopping for plants can sometimes be challenging, but one San Francisco company, Leon and George, is making the whole process a lot simpler.

Leon and George - Premium Potted Plants Delivered

Leon and George is a San Francisco based company offering premium plants, all potted and prepared, delivered right to your door. Making it so much easier to have high quality plants around your own home, Leon and George offers a super selection of beautiful plants that have all been sourced sustainably and cared for with a lot of love and attention.

- Premium Plant Deliveries - Leon and George works by letting you shop for potted plants online, browsing through a huge selection of attractive, well-maintained plants and making your choices accordingly. When you’ve selected some plants to buy, they’ll be shipped out to your home. Large and extra large plants are only available in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, but small and medium sized plants can be delivered nationwide.

- Safe Deliveries - Some people might be a little hesitant about getting potted plants delivered to their homes, and this is entirely understandable, but Leon and George is fully committed to the care, comfort, and health of its plants every step of the way. All deliveries are handled with extreme care to ensure that each and every plant arrives at its destination in perfect condition, every single time.

- A Commitment to Care - Not only will Leon and George ensure that your plants arrive safely, they also offer a 30-day guarantee on all plants, as well as lifetime plant care support, with a dedicated team of plant doctors all ready and waiting to help out with any issues that might arise with your plants over the course of their lives.

- Variety - Leon and George stocks and sells a superb range of plants, pots, and accessories. Whether you're looking for pet-safe plants, easy care plants, air purifying plants, or just beautiful low to bright light plants that can brighten up your day and add some life to your home, Leon and George will have options for you. Customers can also choose from a vast range of pot styles, sizes, and colors.

Visit a Leon and George Location

Leon and George specializes in potted plant deliveries and can offer premium plants shipped right to your door, without any need to even leave your own home, but if you're in California and would like to see the plants up close and personal and maybe get some inspiration and ideas from the Leon and George team, you can visit one of the brand's locations in either San Francisco or Los Angeles.

- San Francisco - The San Francisco location for Leon and George is located at 3465 Cesar Chavez St in the Mission District. This shop is open from 12pm to 6pm on Wednesdays through to Sundays and can be contacted via phone at 415 914 9617. The store doubles up as a showroom, so it can be an inspiring location to walk around and get some ideas for how best to present and house your own potted plants, and the team at this Leon and George location also offer expert styling advice and a great range of premium ceramics, stands, and other accessories. Special events like plant care workshops are held here throughout the year too, and you can even book a personal shopping session with a Leon and George plant stylist to help you find the perfect plants for your own space.

- Los Angeles - There isn't an official Leon and George store or showroom in Los Angeles, but the brand's plants are on display at several Poketo locations around the city. If you're in LA and want to see the quality of Leon and George plants up close, you can visit locations like the Poketo Little Tokyo at 374 E. 2nd St or the Poketo @ Platform at 8840 Washington Blvd. Suite #104. website