Located in Orange County, California, Laguna Beach is one of the Golden State's prettiest and most popular seaside resort towns. It enjoys a beautiful sunny climate, lots of lovely natural spaces to explore, a big focus on eco-friendly actions, and a thriving arts scene. Only around 23,000 people actually live in Laguna Beach, but the city attracts around six million visitors each and every year due to its natural beauty, fun attractions, and exciting special events.

1.Important Information for the Laguna Beach Trolleys

Important Information for the Laguna Beach Trolleys
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Whether you're looking to partake in a fun outdoor activity like hiking or kayaking, check out the city's arts district and explore some galleries, or join up with one of the major annual events held here each year like the Sawdust Art Festival or Pageant of the Masters, there are plenty of different reasons to visit Laguna Beach. If you do decide to visit this beautiful seaside city, one of the best ways to get around is via the Laguna Beach trolleys.

The Laguna Beach trolleys run all through the year, but prices and schedules vary depending on the time of year. In Fall, Winter, and Spring, the trolleys operate from 4pm to 11pm on Fridays, 9.30am to 11pm on Saturdays, and 11am to 8pm on Sundays. In summer, however, the hours are extended to 9.30am to 11.30pm every day. Also in summer, many of the routes throughout the Laguna Beach trolley system are totally free, allowing visitors to the city to get around without paying a single cent.

The free service is available on the Coastal, Top of the World, Bluebird Canyon, and Arch Beach Heights routes. All other routes will involve a 75 cent fee for adults, and a 30 cent fee for disabled riders and seniors. Any children aged 7 or younger can ride for free when accompanied by a paying adult. No pets, apart from service animals, are allowed on board the Laguna Beach trolleys, and if you'd like to keep up to date with the trolley information and arrival times around the various routes, you can download the free Trolley Tracker app onto your smartphone.

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2.Laguna Beach Trolley Routes 1-4

Laguna Beach Trolley Routes 1-4
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The Laguna Beach trolley system currently operates on eight different routes all around the city of Laguna Beach and the surrounding area. Read on for some details on each of these routes.

- Route 1 - North Laguna

The North Laguna route of the Laguna Beach trolley operates in the northern part of the city. It goes around various streets of North Laguna and is a good route to choose if you're looking to visit Shaw's Cove.

- Route 2 - South Laguna

The South Laguna trolley route begins at the transit depot and sets off along the Coast Highway to the Ritz Carlton at the southern end of the city. It passes by many of the most popular beaches in Laguna Beach like Main Beach, Thalia St Beach, Brooks St Beach, Woods Cove, and Victoria Beach.

- Route 3 - Top of the World

The Top of the World route of the Laguna Beach trolley network, as its name suggests, goes all through the Top of the World neighborhood in a circuit and is a good option for anyone staying in this part of the city or visiting friends or family in the area.

- Route 4 - Bluebird Canyon

The Bluebird Canyon route of the Laguna Beach trolley network begins at the transit depot and sets off around the Bluebird Canyon neighborhood. It passes by several great stores and restaurants, so is a good option for people to take in the evenings when looking for some fine dining to end their day on a high.

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3.Laguna Beach Trolley Routes 5-8

Laguna Beach Trolley Routes 5-8
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- Route 5 - Arch Beach Heights

Route 5 of the Laguna Beach trolley network leaves the transit depot and sets off around the Arch Beach Heights neighborhood, which is one of the prettiest parts of the whole city. Be sure to bring a camera along to snap some photos if you choose to ride on this trolley.

- Route 6 - Short Coastal

The Short Coastal route, as its name suggests, sets off along the Coast Highway and passes by all of the main beaches in Laguna Beach. So no matter whether you want to stop off at Main Beach, Victoria Beach, or another beach location, this is a good option to take and you'll get some beautiful views along the way as well.

- Route 7 - Long Coastal

The Long Coastal route goes a little further than the Short Coastal option. It begins at the transit depot and heads down to South Laguna Beach all the way to the Ritz Carlton. This is another good trolley to take for visiting the beaches of Laguna Beach and admiring the ocean views.

- Route 8 - Canyon

The Canyon route is a short trolley route leaving the transit depot and heading off along Laguna Canyon Road around the downtown area of Laguna Beach. It's a quick and easy option for people to explore the city.

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