Kusakabe in San Francisco is a Japanese omakase restaurant opened in May 2014 by Chef Mitsunori Kusakabe (Nori-san), who was the sushi chef at Sushi Ran in Sausalito. The restaurant offers an omakase menu, which means chef's choice menu, at its well-lit 29-seater sushi counter. The menu showcases the chef's techniques and talents, which include smoking, torching, and careful seasoning that goes into every element of the chef’s omakase menu. The restaurant's specialty includes exclusive sushi variations, miso soup with truffles, and the finest A5 wagyu Japanese beef. The restaurant works on a reservations-only basis and walk-ins are welcome only if reservations have been cancelled.

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Kaiseki Cuisine

The restaurant offers a refined sushi experience starting from the warm hand towels offered to guests upon seating to the last menu consisting of rich A5 steak carefully draped over a pad of rice. The chef creates a unique kaiseki sushi menu priced at $95 and offers 11 items, including two hot dishes. The menu starts with kelp tea and a “sushi prelude” consisting of lightly seared bluefin that is cured in soy sauce. The next menu consists of two kinds of seasonal sashimi, soup followed by more sushi varieties, and a warm dish like the chawan mushi with crab and oysters. The finale is a choice of bluefin fatty tuna or A5 wagyu beef.


Kusakabe is open Monday through Saturday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm during which the first seating is between 5:00pm and 5:15pm and the second seating is from 8:00pm to 8:30pm. The sushi bar remains closed on Sundays.


· Omakase menu - Kusakabe offers an omakase prix fixe menus only priced at $95 and $150 per person. The menu offers first brewed broth, two kinds of signature sushi of the day, chef’s two kinds of sashimi nestled in shaved ice, Japanese oyster, hakozushi of the day and four kinds of chef’s assorted Les petit plats, soup, three kinds of seasonal sushi of the day, and sushi finale like chef’s sushi choice of the day, bluefin fatty tuna, shirayaki fresh BBQ white eel, or A5 grade Miyazaki wagyu Beef

· A-La-Carte Menu - Sushi or sashimi made of several variations of tuna, white fish, blue fish/salmon, shellfish, and others like shirayaki - fresh BBQ white eel with sansho pepper, wagyu - A5 grade Miyazaki wagyu strip loin, ankimo - steamed monk fish liver pate, and aori ika - big fin reef squid. The a la carte menu is available only after the omakase menu has been served.

· Drink Menu - white, red, champagne, and sparkling wines as well as several variations of sake, and beers

· Dessert Menu - dessert wine/sake, tea, and desserts like yuzu and shiso-leaf sorbet, houji-cha ice cream, and daiginjo sake kasu crème brulee

Enjoying Sushi

Sushi is to be eaten as soon as it is made to ensure freshness and ideal sushi temperature. It is to be eaten in one bite to enjoy the complete flavor. Kusakabe recommends eating sushi with fingers as it tastes better with touch.

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Kusakabe, 584 Washington St., San Francisco, California 94111, Phone: 415-757-0155, website