The Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena encourages kids to engage in various interactive exhibits to learn more about the world around them. The Kidspace Children’s Museum has a variety of attractions located inside and outside of the museum that are meant for children to explore and interact with.


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The history of the Kidspace Children’s Museum dates to 1979. In 1979 the Kidspace Children’s Museum was founded at the California Institute of Technology. One year later, the museum moved to the Rosemont Pavilion. But, the museum didn’t stay there for long because it relocated again in 1981. This time, the Kidspace Children’s Museum moved to the McKinley School, which is in the center of Pasadena. During the time the Kidspace Children’s Museum resided at the McKinley School, it was named one of the most innovative institutions of the West.

Founders and the museum’s trustees began developing a comprehensive plan of how the museum could grow and excel for the years to come. Then, in 2002 the Kidspace Children’s Museum decided to relocate one last time from the McKinley School to the Fannie Morrison Horticultural Center. The Fannie Morrison Horticultural Center underwent a two-year renovation, which ensured the facility would stay in tip top shape for the Kidscape Children’s Museum. Most recently, the Kidspace Children’s Museum celebrated its millionth visitor in 2009. Since then, the museum has focused on ways it can keep evolving and providing children with interactive and exciting educational exhibits.

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2.Permanent Attractions

Permanent Attractions
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Arroyo Adventure is in the Kidspace Gardens and is an eight-portion interactive exhibit. Visitors are expected to sort through sand, climb different formations, and explore other areas to learn about the nature and ecosystem of the Arroyo Seco.

S. Mark Taper Foundation Early Childhood Learning Center was designed to explore the interaction between children and parents. The design of this center was inspired by nature, and features various interactive activities, such as crawling through the Shiny Stream. It is important to note that children are not expected to wear socks in this exhibit, but adults are required to wear socks.

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3.More Things to See

More Things to See
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The Robert & Mary Galvin Physics Forest gives visitors the opportunity to explore 12 different interactive exhibits. The various exhibits include a tennis ball launcher and even a bottle rocket. These exhibits were designed to teach children the fundamentals of physics in an exciting and engaging ay.

Nature Exchange allows children to exchange various items from nature for points. When you earn a certain number of points, you can trade the points in for a prize or something special for nature. Thus, this area has the perfect program that engages kids to learn about nature in a fun way.

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4.Special Attractions

Special Attractions
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While most of the attractions at the Kidspace Children’s Museum are permanent, there are a selection of special attractions. One of the most common special attractions at the museum has to do with animals.

Animal Homes is in the Nature Exchange area of the museum and features different animals monthly. Visitors have the chance to explore, learn about, and interact with each animal. It is important to note that to explore this attraction, children must be accompanied by an adult. Also, Animal Homes does not run through the month of December. Some of the upcoming animals’ children can learn about at Animal Homes are; arachnids on January 27th, snakes on February 24th, and geckos on March 31st.

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5.Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities
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Since Kidspace Children’s Museum was created with the intention to educate children, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the museum offers a variety of educational opportunities. One of the most popular programs at the museum is the different camps. Kids have the option of attending a spring or summer camp. When camp is in session, each week has a different theme and learning objective.

The Kidspace Children’s Museum also has a variety of educational opportunities for children year-round. These programs include; Baby & Me, Garden Buds, and Little Yogis. Baby & Me focuses on the relationship between young children and their guardians. During the program, children and guardians learn the best way to develop social skills, literacy, motor skills, and other skills. If you have a green thumb and want your little one to develop one too, then place them in the Garden Buds program. As for the Little Yogis class, it teaches kids how to do watered down yoga poses, as well as how to express themselves in various ways. One of the best parts about the educational opportunities at the Kidspace Children’s Museum is that most of the programs are available in English or Spanish. Thus, they are open to a wider demographic than most museum programs.

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480 N Arroyo Blvd, Pasadena, CA, Phone: 626-449-9144

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