The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most picturesque and lively locations along the entire West Coast. Home to more than 7 million people, the Bay Area is comprised of various towns, parks, and counties, all with their own unique landmarks and reasons to visit. Despite being quite a highly developed area, the Bay Area is also rich in wildlife and is regarded as one of the most ecologically rich locations in all of California. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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All sorts of outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the Bay Area, with kayaking being perhaps the most popular of all. For both seasoned kayakers and total novices, the Bay Area has a lot to offer. Between beaches, bays, covers, harbors, and more, there's a lot of diverse and exciting kayaking to be had all around. The Bay Area also enjoys a warm climate, ensuring that kayaking fun isn't just limited to the hot summer months. Bay Area beaches

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2.Best Kayaking Locations around the Bay Area

Best Kayaking Locations around the Bay Area
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One of the best things about kayaking in the Bay Area is the diversity it has to offer. There aren’t just two or three great kayaking spots in the Bay Area, there are dozens, each offering unique views and advantages. For everyone from young families and nature lovers in search of a relaxing kayak session to active kayakers in need of a challenge, here are some of the top rated kayaking locations around the Bay Area.

Sausalito - A great spot to kayak if you want to see many of the classic San Francisco landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. The views around the Sausalito waters are simply incredible and plenty of guided kayak tours and trips are available in the area too.

Half Moon Bay - With calm waters ideal for inexperienced and young kayakers, Half Moon Bay has a lot to offer. This area provides scenic views of the surrounding landscapes and is particularly rich in wildlife, with seals, birds, many kinds of fish, and more calling Half Moon Bay home.

Elkhorn Slough - This seven-mile stretch is easily one of the best nature kayaking trails in all of North America. Every trip along Elkhorn Slough is almost 100% guaranteed to provide some fantastic wildlife encounters with the likes of otters, birds, and more.

Oakland - For urban kayaking in the Bay Area, Oakland is one of the very best locations to hit the water. Natural areas are often more popular with kayakers, but urban exploration on the water can be a lot of fun and Oakland is always a big hit with people who want to see the man-made beauty of the Bay Area, featuring huge ships, warehouses, buildings, and more.

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3.Kayaking Rentals and Tours around the Bay Area

Kayaking Rentals and Tours around the Bay Area
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Whether you’re looking to rent a kayak for your own personal adventures or sign up with a guided kayak tour, the Bay Area has plenty of great kayak companies to choose from. These highly rated kayaking companies can make your Bay Area kayaking sessions more enjoyable

· Half Moon Bay Kayak Co. - 2 Johnson Pier, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (650 773-6101)

Half Moon Bay is one of the prettiest little spots in the entire Bay Area and the Half Moon Bay Kayak Company is the number one kayak specialist at this location. Kayak rentals, fishing, and trips can all be arranged with this company, with various guided kayak trips taking place at all times of day and exploring the picturesque Pillar Point Harbor and nearby Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

· Sea Trek - 2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965 (415 332-8494)

Sea Trek runs a wide variety of kayak trips and classes all through the year around the Bay Area. No experience is needed to come along on one of these kayak tours, with professional guides providing useful introductory lessons to ensure that everyone feels at ease with their kayak. Various family and kid-friendly kayak trips exist exploring Sausalito, the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, and more, and some kayak tours even include live music and restaurant meals.

· City Kayak - 40 Pier, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415 294-1050)

Conveniently located at Pier 40, City Kayak provides every kind of kayaking service you could hope to find in the Bay Area. Kayak rentals, kayak lessons, kayak classes, and guided kayak trips are all available with City Kayak. Trips take in various parts of the Bay Area, including South Beach and Downtown San Francisco, and these kayaking tours can be enjoyed both in daylight and in the evenings.

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Best Kayaking in the Bay Area (California)

Attraction Spotlight: San Francisco Botanical Garden

Located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Botanical Garden, formerly known as the Strybing Arboretum, is a 55-acre botanical garden that features more than 8,500 kinds of plants from around the world. The living museum in Golden Gate Park has both landscaped gardens and open spaces that are home to a diverse variety of species with a particular focus on cloud forest species from Central and South America, and Southeast Asia, high elevation palms, and Magnolia species. The mild temperatures, dry summers, wet winters and San Francisco's famous coastal fog of the Bay Area provide a broad range of climatic conditions that allow a particular range of flora to thrive.


Planning for the garden began in the 1880s by Park Supervisor John McClaren, however planting only followed in 1937 due to lack of funds. The garden was officially opened to the public in 1940. While the garden is officially managed by the city of San Francisco as part of the Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society also plays a significant role in the management of the garden. Founded in 1955, the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society (formerly the Strybing Arboretum Society) provides a variety of educational programs and experiences, and a range of professional and volunteer staff, as well as operates the Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture, monthly plant sales, and a bookstore. The Society also offers a broad range of community education programs for children and adults and raises money for new projects and Garden renovations.

The Garden

The San Francisco Botanical Garden has a unique microclimate which is made up of dry summers, wet winters, mild temperatures throughout the year and San Francisco's famous coastal fog. These exceptional conditions enable the Garden to recreate conditions of high elevation tropical cloud forests such as those found in Southeast Asia, Central and South America. Due to these particular conditions, San Francisco Botanical Garden is renowned for its significant and unique botanical collections, including an extensive Magnolia collection.

Plant Collections

The San Francisco Botanical Gardens are organized into several specialized collections, including a Mediterranean garden, a Chilean garden, a California Native Garden, the Redwood Grove, and a Cape Province (South Africa) garden. Others include an Australian garden, plants from the Mediterranean Basin Region, the John Muir Nature Trail, and a Moon-viewing Garden. The Gardens are also home to a Takamine Garden, gardens from New Zealand, a Temperate Asia Garden, Montane Tropic Garden, and Ancient Plant Garden. Cloud Forests range from Mesoamerican and Southeast Asian Cloud Forests to Andean Forests and a Succulent Garden, a Dwarf Conifer Garden, and several exhibitions gardens.

The garden’s special collections include camellias, rhododendrons, succulents, and magnolias, and the Garden of Fragrance, which was designed in 1965, gives people with visual impairments the chance to enjoy plants through touch and smell. The aromatic garden features ambrosial flowers nestled in beds made of stones that were brought into the United States from a 12th-century Spanish monastery.

The San Francisco Botanical Gardens offer a variety of educational opportunities for learners of all ages with the aim of cultivating a bond between plants and animals. Educational programs range from adult botanical art workshops and Learning and Community Engagement programs to interactive programs for children like Bean Sprouts Family Days in the Children’s Garden.

The Garden’s Youth Education Program offers a variety of educational opportunities for pre-school and school-aged children, as well as summer camps for groups and families, as well as opportunities for interns and volunteers to get involved.

Adult programs include garden and birding tours, hands-on workshops in botanical art, and more, while Garden Family Programs include Bean Sprouts Family Days, Library Story Times and Family Walks, and Summer Reading Club.

Visitor Information

The San Francisco Botanical Garden is located at 1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA and has two entrances – one at the corner of Ninth Avenue at Lincoln Way known as the Main Gate, and the second on MLK Jr. Drive off the Music Concourse referred to as the Friend/North Gate. Admission to the Gardens is free for members.

1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, Phone: 415-661-1316

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Attraction Spotlight: The Walt Disney Family Museum (WDFM)

Located in the picturesque Presidio of San Francisco, the Walt Disney Family Museum (WDFM) honors the remarkable life story of Walt Disney through state-of-the-art exhibits and contemporary, interactive galleries. Situated in three existing historic buildings on the Presidio’s Main Post facing the Parade Ground, the American Museum opened in 2009 and featured an array of award-winning exhibits and displays, including cartoons, early drawings, music, films and an inspiring model of Disneyland.


The mission of the Walt Disney Family Museum is to inform visitors about the remarkable life of Walt Disney and to inspire them to use their imagination to follow and achieve their dreams.


Owned, operated and funded by the Walt Disney Family Foundation, the Walt Disney Family Museum was established in 2009 as a non-profit organization by Disney's heirs, including Disney's biological daughter and founder of the museum, Diane Disney Miller.


The Walt Disney Family Museum features more than 40,000 square feet of space that houses state-of-the-art technologies and interactive exhibits that showcase historical artifacts, materials, movies, music and cartoons that bring Disney’s achievements to life.

The museum also features a large-scale model of Disneyland. The Museum features ten permanent galleries that tell the remarkable story of Walt Disney's life, beginning with his ancestral history and ending with his death on 15th December in 1966. Pictures of Walt Disney's beloved miniature Carolwood Pacific Railroad, including his Lilly Belle locomotive are also on display.

The lower level of the museum is home to a Fantasia-inspired state-of-the-art digital theater that screens Disney classics on a daily basis, and the lobby of the Museum exhibits the 248 awards that Disney won during his career, including several Academy Awards, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Exhibits at the Walt Disney Family Museum include the ‘Awaking Beauty: The Art of Eyvind Earle,’ a retrospective that showcases the life and work of Eyvind Earle who was the lead stylist for Walt Disney's classic feature Sleeping Beauty. The exhibit features over 250 works by Eyvind Earle, including detailed thumbnail concept paintings for Lady and the Tramp and inspiring large-scale concept artworks for Sleeping Beauty.

‘Deja View: The Art of Andreas Deja’ features numerous works by the accomplished and versatile character animator, Andreas Deja and includes maquettes of iconic characters such as Gaston, Hercules, Scar, and Lilo.

The Walt Disney Family Museum offers a variety of educational programs that honor the work of Walt Disney and aim to inspire, innovate and educate learners of all ages. Creative and innovative programs and initiatives include studio programs, classes, workshops, camps and professional mentoring, as well as summer classes, international festivals, and teen squads.

Multi-day and intensive studio classes for students of all ages and levels of expertise include fundamental principles of animation, art, and design given by industry professionals and teaching animators. Other classes include After-School Animation (Grades 6-12), Beginner Animation, Digital 2D Animation for Adults, Foundation Drawing (Grades 9-12), and Understanding Photoshop (ages 14 and above).

104 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94129, Phone: 415-345-6800

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Attraction Spotlight: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is in the heart of San Francisco, California and aims at teaching people about modern art in a fun, exciting, and educational way. One of the great things about the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is that people 18 years old and younger get in for free.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1935 by Grace L. McCann Morley. Grace wanted to stress the importance and historical significance of modern art by displaying a variety of art forms and artists to the public. To this day, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art actively works to provide the public with a comprehensive collection of exhilarating and engaging exhibits.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is home to 6,941 pieces of art that is permanently displayed throughout the museum. If you do not have the chance to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, you can always view their permanent collection through their program, ArtScope, which is available online.

Media Arts includes everything from cinema and television to computer-based artworks. The Media Arts exhibit showcases how media is a large influence in our lives. Any type of art form that is media based can be found within this exhibit.

Painting and Sculpture is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s most extensive and comprehensive permanent collection. Since 1935, the Painting and Sculpture exhibit has showcased how artists take inspiration from everything and anything to create renowned paintings and sculptures. Some of the highlighted artists include Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky.

Photography gives visitors a look into how photography is connected to our lives. This exhibit features various photographs that are thought-provoking, complex, and show visitors how human expression wouldn’t be the same without photography. It should be noted that the Photography exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was one of the first American exhibits to fully accredit photography as an absolute and important art form.

Architecture and Design features magnificent works of art that show how architecture and design have overall impacted America’s cultural landscape. The truth is, without architecture and design, the atmosphere and world around us would have a different perception and environment. Architecture and design play a key role in influencing our behavior and how we see the world, which is what this exhibit proves and showcases.

Although the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has an extensive and comprehensive collection of permanent attractions, it is constantly welcoming special attractions. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is continuously hosting various traveling art exhibitions, so check the museum’s website for an updated list of special attractions.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offers a variety of educational opportunities for people of all ages. Aside from specialized tours open to the public, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offers special tours for schools that will engage and excite students about modern art. If schools do not have the chance to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, then they have the opportunity of participating in the museum’s In the Classroom program, which brings museum representatives to schools. Teachers can also bring the museum to the classroom by using some of the museum’s online educational resources.

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151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA, 94103, Phone: 408-283-8155

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