Many people view bags as either being functional or stylish items, but they can be both. Whether you're taking a backpack on an early morning hike or carrying your tote around town while doing some shopping, the bag you carry can prove useful and fashionable, if you choose the right brands and know where to look. For some of the best hand-stitched bags in San Francisco, choose Joshu + Vela.

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Joshu + Vela - Quality Hand-Stitched Bags in San Francisco

Joshu + Vela got started by Noah Guy, who has been designing bags since way back in 2001. As his experience and expertise in the use of leather grew and grew through personal experiences and professional ventures with such brands as Levi's and The North Face, Guy began to develop an intrinsic understanding of how best to make use of leather in order to craft quality, durable, stylish products that people could rely on for years to come.

In 2010, he decided to put his knowledge and experience to good use through the launching of his own leather bag and accessories brand: Joshu + Vela. Since then, Joshu + Vela has established itself as one of the top brands in San Francisco for leather bags and accessories, using high quality materials out of its own workshop and showroom space in the center of the city to create timeless pieces for all to enjoy.

- The Joshu + Vela Difference - One of the things that really sets Joshu + Vela apart from its competition is the fact that this brand owns and operates all of its own machinery. It doesn't outsource anything, committing to total quality through every single aspect of a bag's creation from the initial design right up to the finishing touches. This gives Joshu + Vela 100% control over its products, allowing the team to ensure that every item it sells is of the highest quality.

- Timeless, Functional, Beautiful - While so many brands seem to put a lot of focus on flashy designs and confusing imagery, Joshu + Vela keeps things simple. The bags and accessories sold by this brand focus on timeless quality, matching well in any environment and over the shoulder of anybody, regardless of their own sense of style. These accessories are designed to complement your look, rather than overpowering it, while also offering the durability, space, and functionality you need to keep your personal items safe and secure.

- The Finest Materials - While some bag and accessory designers will cut corners and make compromises, especially when choosing their materials, in order to cut down their own production costs, Joshu + Vela remains dedicated to quality, every single step of the way. This brand's bags are made with the best natural American leather, along with German tan and Italian vegetable tanned leathers. All US leathers used here are by-products of the meat industry, and the other materials used by Joshu + Vela, like natural canvas and metal hardware, are chosen with care to create quality bags that can last a lifetime.

Visit Joshu + Vela

If you'd like to stop by at the Joshu + Vela Studio and workshop in San Francisco and these beautiful bags in person, as well as getting advice from the Joshu + Vela sales team and learning more about the process, materials, and quality of this brand's products, here's all you need to know:

- Location - The Joshu + Vela studio is situated at 3042 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103. The studio is located in the Mission Dolores district, a few blocks away from several stops on the F Market & Wharves line on the heritage streetcar service.

- The Studio - The studio is a friendly and airy space with floor to ceiling windows across the facade and high quality bags displayed all around you as you enter. You'll also be able to see the Joshu + Vela workshop direct from the studio, with the brand's professional, expert sewers hard at work using high quality machines and materials to assemble new bags throughout the day. Every single bag is prepared to perfection by the team, with finishing touches and leather additions added on by the leather team in the adjoining leather workshop.

- Opening Hours - The Joshu + Vela studio and store is only open by appointment. You can actually reserve your visit through a simple online booking platform, and you'll be able to book a 30-minute slot in order to visit the showroom and speak with the team. These visits are fully free and you'll get a chance to speak in a one-on-one basis with Joshu + Vela representatives to try out different bags, learn more about the materials and process, test various sizes to find one that works for you, and then place an order if you find a design, size, and style you desire.

- Contact - To get in touch with the Joshu + Vela team, you can call 415 872 5347 or fill out an online contact form if you'd prefer to correspond by email. website