The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a place unlike any other final resting place in the world. In the 62- acre site, has become a landmark with 80, 000 gravesites that contain countless stars, writers, directors, performers, composers, voice actors, and founders of production studios. The cemetery has been listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, and people from around the world come to see the graves of Hollywood elites and pay their respects. Located beside Paramount Studios, with a view of the Hollywood sign, and as a location to many events, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is very connected to the entertainment industry and is a popular place to visit.

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The cemetery was founded in 1899, and since then it has be the set for an interesting history filled with scandal and restoration. In 1939, Jules Roth who was a convicted felon purchased a 51% stake in the property. In the following six decades he let the grounds fall apart while he used the funds from the cemetery to pay for this personal luxuries. Roth also forbade minorities from being buried at the cemetery, this included actress Hattie McDaniel from Gone With The Wind. As the cemetery began to fall into disrepair, a class action lawsuit was filed against Roth in 1986. He had to sell parts of the property to pay for his legal and tax bills, yet by the 1990s the cemetery was in a state of total disaster and no longer profitable. In 1998 Roth passed away, that following year Tyler and Brent Cassity purchased the cemetery, invested millions in renovations and renamed the area to Hollywood Forever. Along with their restorations they created a monument to Hattie McDaniel, and turned the site into a cultural hub. By hosting events such as outdoor movie screenings, concerts, and events like Día de los Muertos they brought the community together to enjoy the space. Not only is Hollywood Forever a resting place for countless stars, but also the beautiful grounds are a popular place for tourists to visit.

Even thought Hollywood Forever functions as an active cemetery and funeral home, it still is a culturally significant aspect to Los Angles. There are many famous people from the entertainment industry buried on the grounds, which allow the public to visit their final resting place and learn more about their stories. There are more Hollywood icons in Hollywood Forever than in any other cemetery in the world. Some of the most iconic people resting on the grounds include Judy Garland, Darla Hood, Rudolph Valentino, Peter Lorre, and many more. It is a popular place to visit because of the beauty of the well-kept grounds, the old buildings on site and the elaborate life-size statues, headstones and portraits around the graves.

Hollywood Forever is a social center within Los Angles; there are many events that take place at the venue throughout the year. Cinespia’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery outdoor movies, Día de los Muertos, and other concerts some of the events held at the cemetery. Since 2002 outdoor movie events have been offered at the cemetery, prior and after screenings there are pre-show DJs, themed photo booths, and occasional visits by directors, filmmakers, and stars. It is a lively event that is open to the public, and movies from across the decades are shown, which includes famous vintage films. Another popular event that Hollywood Forever hosts is Día de los Muertos, which is a celebration that roots from Aztec culture. It is celebrated in Mexico as a day of prayer and remembrance to family remembers and friends who have passed away. The cemetery hosts one of the biggest events in California, it is filled with musical performances, an art exhibition, hundreds of Aztec ritual dancers, food vendors, and arts and crafts.

Other events that are held on the grounds include concerts by musical performers such as Bishop Briggs, Artic Monkeys, and GUM. Held in the Masonic Lodge, which was built in 1927, Bishop Briggs will be holding the album release show of Church of Scars. The band of Artic Monkey will also be using the venue to hold an outdoor concert on the Fairbanks Lawn Gates at Forever Hollywood. GUM is another musical artist that will be performing in the Masonic Lodge. Today Forever Hollywood is a tourist hub because it is one of the most lively and active cemeteries due to its history, connection to stars, and involvement in the community.

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