Heart Rock Waterfall, otherwise known as Seeley Creek Falls, is a beautiful natural phenomenon located in Crestline, California. The waterfall itself has a drop of around 25 feet and, provided it has been fed well with recent rainwater, it gushes pretty much all year round. This isn’t the main draw for the location, though, as the waterfalls have managed to carve out a heart-shaped indentation right next to the falls, delighting and fascinating onlookers.

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The naturally occurring feature has been caused by times when the water level has risen and the waterfall spills out further than normal; in fact, at certain times you can even see the heart filled with water, forming its own waterfall.

The water flows into a large pool, which makes for a perfect hidden swimming spot. In the summer, the water is a lovely temperature, however this goes at odds with the times when the waterfall and water levels are at their highest. If you want to see Heart Rock in its glory you need to visit during the winter, when there’s a chance of seeing the two waterfalls cascading down the rocks, whereas if you’re after a beautiful hike and a relaxing swim in the pool, then summer is best.

Reaching the waterfall itself is easy enough. It’s positioned near Camp Seeley (made famous by the movie The Parent Trap) and is fairly close to Silverwood Lake. You’ll want to head to Camp Seeley to begin the trail that leads to the falls. When you see the Camp Seeley sign, take a left and drive on for about half a mile. At the end of the road you should spot a signpost marking the way to Heart Rock and the Seeley Creek Trail. This is where your journey begins.

The hike itself is a fairly relaxing trip; there’s no really rough terrain or particularly difficult sections and it can easily be enjoyed by the whole family. The scenery you’ll encounter as you make your way to Heart Rock is almost as beautiful as the landmark itself. Along the trail there a few signposts and markers to follow and some helpful trekkers have even added heart-shaped affectations to a few rocks along the way so you know you’re on the right path. It’s a mile round trip along the trail, so half a mile each way, not too tiring and leaving you with plenty of time and energy to enjoy the falls themselves.

When you arrive at the falls the best way to marvel at this natural wonder is from a high vantage point. You can look down on the falls and the quaint little Heart Rock formation from atop the rise or even venture out onto a ledge for a better vista, though be warned that the ledge in question is inclined and can be a little dangerous, so take care.

Visitors are always surprised by how large the falls and the heart actually are. They can seem out of proportion in photographs. You could easily fit two full grown adults into each side of the heart furrows, and so the sight is even more breathtaking in its scale. Whether you’re heading down for the scenic views or for a little swim, this is a must-see little-known Californian treasure.