Visitors to Newport Beach can take a unique and relaxing glide through Newport Harbor on one of Gondola Adventures' beautiful gondolas. A cruise on a gondola through the harbor's quaint canals will create a lasting memory. The gondola ride is particularly great for date nights or anniversaries, but also for celebrations, family gatherings, romantic proposals, special occasions, unique elopement ideas and weddings, or simply "just because." The view from one of the gondolas of the sunset on the water can be especially breathtaking. According to Newport Beach Gondola, it's a tradition for couples to kiss as their gondola passes under a bridge. The company also encourages their gondola passengers to greet people they pass in Italian and enjoy life to its fullest. More Things to Do in Newport Beach

We recommend that you call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm current opening times.

1.The Gondolas

The Gondolas
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Gondola Adventures uses "Neo-Venetian" gondolas, which have silent electric motors, allowing the gondoliers to steer instead of row. Some of the boats are black and mahogany with beautifully decorated canopy covers and inlaid roses, while others are all black. The distinctive and elegant interiors of the gondolas surround passengers in complete comfort. These more modern watercraft can travel further, if requested in advance, due to having a slightly greater range.

Nearly all of Gondola Adventures' cruises feature a slow tour through Newport Harbor's canal area, located at the harbor's northern end. The leisurely pace allows passengers to have a relaxing and romantic experience. Other gondolas used during the tours are "Venetian" gondolas, and are imported from Venice, Italy. For almost 1,000 years, Venetians have been building gondolas, and it has become an art form. The rowing gondolas are propelled the way gondolas are traditionally rowed in Venice, by oar and oarlock. The company also possesses the only operating "wedding gondolas" west of the Mississippi River. These gondolas feature very ornate decorations and carved decks. The "Lucia" wedding gondola also includes a canopy cover.

Gondola Adventures offers several specialty enhancements and amenities for their gondola cruises. Those taking a gondola cruise can either purchase wine or champagne from the company for their trip or bring their own for a corkage fee. All beverages are presented in a silver bucket with ice and served in glassware. Gondola Adventures is the only gondola company in Orange County with an ABC license.

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2.Plan your Visit

Plan your Visit
© Gondola Adventures

Gondola Adventures is also the only one of its kind in Orange County with a license for singing gondoliers. Those who request a singing gondolier will hear at least one or two songs, but can sometimes hear up to six or seven. The number depends on how receptive passengers are to the gondolier's singing and his repertoire. Several other specialty enhancements and custom features can also be requested.

A more extensive list can be found on the company's website, such as a "message in a bottle," custom chocolates, rose petals, or even a 12-inch solid chocolate gondola. In addition, Gondola Adventures is the only gondola cruise company in the country that offers electric blankets upon request. There is also the option to have a student photographer to act as passengers' personal paparazzi during their gondola cruise.

200 N Bayside Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, website, Phone: 949-646-2067

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Best Things to Do in in Newport Beach, CA: Gondola Adventures

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