Inspired by Disneyland, Fairytale Town is an interactive nonprofit park that promotes education and creativity within children. Located in Sacramento, California, Fairytale Town has over 30 attractions that cater to the park’s mission of promoting education and creativity within children.


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In the fall of 1955, the Junior League of Sacramento, CA, established an initiative that would create Fairytale Town and grant it to the city of Sacramento. One year later, the Friends of Fairytale Town, Inc. was created to act as a council board for the project. Friends of Fairytale Town, Inc. raised around $82,000 for the project and built Fairytale Town during the next few years.

On August 29, 1959 Fairytale Town opened in William Land Park. Since then, the park has been extremely popular and small renovations have occurred to keep the park modern.

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Farmer Brown’s Barn features animals that are from some of your child’s favorite stories. Highlights include; a tarantula named Charlotte, a donkey named Eeyore, and three blind mice.

The Three Little Pigs is an exhibit that features three Vietnamese pigs that are just like the pigs in the story The Three Little Pigs. These pigs are housed safely in a brick house, so visitors don’t have to worry about the wolf huffing or puffing their house down.

Story Boxes are set up around Fairytale Town to create an interactive experience for visitors. In order to access all of the story boxes, visitors have to purchase the magical story box key at the Box Office or the Dish & Spoon Café. Once visitors have purchased the key, they can use it to unlock special stories and songs as they travel along the park. The best part about the magical story box key is that you can take it with you, and even use it again when you go back to Fairytale Town.

Cinderella’s Coach is an interactive replica of the pumpkin coach that transported one of the most beloved princesses: Cinderella. This exhibit allows children to immerse themselves within the world of Cinderella, and act as if they’re on their way to a special royal ball.

The Little Engine That Could allows visitors to act like the train engineer, or simply a passenger. This interactive exhibit enables visitors to learn about and carry out the same positive thinking features that the little engine did.

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3.Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities
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One of the biggest missions of Fairytale Town is to provide children with a fun and educational experience. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Fairytale Town has a ton of educational opportunities for children. Children in grades pre-K to 5th grade have the opportunity of going on a tour with their class.

Class tours can either be guided or unguided. There’s also an option where a specially trained employee of Fairytale Town will reinforce elements of the current curriculum to the students at the end of the tour. If classes can’t make it to Fairytale Town, then Fairytale Town can come to them. Through Fairytale Town’s classroom visits program, a Fairytale Town representative will bring a few farm animals to a classroom and lead an interactive lesson.

Aside from school based educational opportunities, Fairytale Town offers children a variety of workshops, camps, and theater programs. Some of the highlighted educational workshops include; Barnyard Buddies, My Magic Plate, and Garden in a Glove. During Barnyard Buddies, participants get a behind the scenes look at the farm animals in Fairytale Town. As for My Magic Plate, participants are introduced to the basic USDA guidelines of how to carry out good nutrition. Participants learn about these guidelines through illustrations and fun activities. At the end of the program, participants get the chance to make their own take-home plate, where they are encouraged to utilize their new healthy eating habits. Finally, Garden in a Glove teaches participants how greenhouses work, and why plants are important. After learning about plants and greenhouses, participants get to make their own mini-greenhouse in a glove.

One of the highlighted camps at Fairytale Town is the Summer Fun Camp. The Summer Fun Camp is a day camp that is available to children ages 4 to 9. Participants will have the chance to listen to story times, have lunch and recess, participate in interactive and curriculum-based activities, and explore other aspects of Fairytale Town.

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3901 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822, Phone: 916-808-7462

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