Located out in Santa Barbara County and operating in the cities of Santa Barbara and Solvang, Eat This Shoot That is a very unique food and photo travel tour operator offering unique experiences in some of the most beautiful areas of California. This company got its start back in 2012 and has swiftly established as one of the most exciting and original tour operators in the Golden State, providing guests with the opportunity to meet local people and tour some of the best dining locations in the area while also getting some top food and travel photo tips along the way, making magical memories in the mind and through your camera or smartphone.

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Important Information for Eat This Shoot That Food Tours of Santa Barbara

If you're thinking of heading off on a food and photo tour of Santa Barbara or Solvang with Eat This Shoot That, there's some important information you need to know. Firstly, the tours are not necessarily open to all ages. Young children are only allowed on the Funk Zone food tour. The Solvang Food and Photo Tour is okay for kids aged over 12, but the El Paseo Wine and Photo Tour is an adults-only tour.

Any children that come along for the tours will need to have a ticket if they're aged over six, but can enjoy a discount due to the fact that they won't be having any alcoholic drinks at the various food stops along the way. It's also worth noting that the tours last for at least three hours and can involve a bit of walking and waiting around at each location, so you'll need to consider your own children to determine whether or not these food tours are really suitable for them or not.

It's important to remember that these are walking tours that involve walks of around a mile in total. There are several stops along the way, so you don't need to be very fit to take part and the pace can be slowed down a little to accommodate everyone, but this is still something to bear in mind. If you don't like to walk too much but still want to take part in a food tour with Eat This Shoot That, the El Paseo Wine Tour is the best option as it involves the shortest walking distance of the three main tour options.

Pets aren't allowed on the tour and smoking isn't allowed either. If you have any special dietary restrictions, you'll need to let the staff know in advance so that they can make adjustments in order to cater to your needs and ensure that everyone has the best possible time.

It's also important to note that these Santa Barbara food and photo tours run regardless of the weather but may be canceled in extreme circumstances like severe storms. All you need to bring along on an Eat This Shoot That tour is a smartphone or camera to snap some photos and a good appetite to enjoy the snacks along the way. You should also wear appropriate attire for the weather.

Eat This Shoot That Food And Photo Tours

Eat This Shoot That offers several different tour options around Santa Barbara and Solvang for every guest to enjoy. The standard tours are public offerings, but you can organize private and custom food tours of Santa Barbara through Eat This Shoot That as well, which are ideal for business outings, special occasions, or large groups of friends looking to have some fun in the Santa Barbara County area. Read on to learn a little more about the main food and photo tour options with Eat This Shoot That.

Funk Zone Food & Photo Tour

The Funk Zone Food & Photo Tour lasts for at least three hours and can sometimes run for three and a half hours. It costs $109 per person. There's also an $89 ticket option for any non-drinkers, so anyone aged under 21 or those who are over 21 but don't wish to drink alcohol can enjoy this discount. This Santa Barbara food tour starts at 225 State Street and sets off for around a mile around the city. It stops at eight different tasting locations for snacks and drinks and is led by a professional, passionate guide who will share stories about the local area and insight into each dining spot, as well as offering tips and guidance to improve your food and travel photography techniques.

Solvang Food & Photo Tour

The Solvang Food & Photo Tour is the longest option from Eat This Shoot That. It runs for at least four hours and is the only tour to take place in the beautiful little city of Solvang. Adult tickets cost $109 for the Solvang Food & Photo Tour and there are non-drinker tickets for $99 too. Like the Funk Zone Food Tour, this tour includes a total of eight stops for snacks and drinks. You'll learn all about the history of Solvang along the way and learn some fun food photography tips and tricks to show off to your friends back home.

El Paseo Wine & Photo Tour

The El Paseo Wine & Photo Tour can last for up to four hours in total and is only available to people aged over 21 due to the fact that it focuses entirely on wine. Tickets for this particular Eat This Shoot That tour cost just $99 and the tour starts De La Guerra Plaza. The tour includes tastings of over ten wines in total, so you really get a lot of value for money, and you'll also get the opportunity to taste some cold meats and high quality cheeses along the way. An experienced, wine-loving tour guide will lead the way to help you make the most of your experience, and just like the other tours from Eat This Shoot That, you'll get some lessons on taking the best travel and wine photos. website