Fans from all over have been coming to Knott's Berry Farm for almost a century. The present-day amusement park started out as a small family farm and quickly grew to be a famous destination known throughout the world thanks to an Old West Ghost Town, boysenberries, and Mrs. Knott's legendary fried chicken. The farm has now grown into a 160-acre destination for family fun, including Knott's Berry Farm amusement park, Knott's Berry Farm Hotel, and Knott's Soak City Waterpark.

Knott's Berry Farm's newest roller coaster is the GhostRider. The West Coast's fastest, tallest, and longest wooden coaster towers 118 feet above historic Ghost Town, and is the park's largest attraction in the history of its existence. Riders aboard the copper, silver, and gold mining cars of GhostRider brave a mysterious mine as they travel down 4,533 twisting feet of timber.

The Coast Rider takes riders up a 52-foot ascent, followed by a harrowing trip down 1,339 feet of track, including spins, twists, and hairpin turns that gives the feeling of riding along the coast of California. Riders aboard Montezooma's Revenge will feel the need to hang on tight as they're blasted from 0 to 55mph in only three seconds. The thrilling ride travels forward through a huge, seven-story loop, and then again going backwards.

There are numerous other rides at Knott's Berry Farm in addition to several roller coasters. Bigfoot Rapids offers a thrilling whitewater raft ride that splashes, spins, tosses, and bounces riders as they travel down fast-moving river currents, dodging soaring geysers along the way. Cascading waterfalls, huge boulders, soaring geysers, and towering cliffs are combined with wild flowers, shrubs, and trees indigenous to California to create an authentic setting for the rapids experience.

The Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm has been one of the country's most elaborate log flume rides since it opened in 1969. Transporting riders through a mountain range measuring 85 feet by 330 feet in length, the ride gives the feeling of traveling through a 19th century lumber camp. For a different kind of ride, visitors should head over to the amazing 4-D Iron Reef. This interactive ride lets guests grab a freeze ray and join in the fight to save Knott's Berry Farm from strange creatures emerging from underwater beneath the Boardwalk.

Virtual reality has also come to Knott's Berry Farm. Located in the Knott's Boardwalk Arcade, VR Showdown in Ghost Town offers visitors a time-traveling virtual reality experience. In futuristic, virtual Ghost Town, guests will come face-to-face with robotic enemies as they take on a daring mission with other players to defend the town. In the first and the country's only permanent full motion VR experience in a theme park, players will crouch, dodge, and blast their way through a 360-degree interactive virtual reality world. Several players compete against each other for bragging rights and the highest score armed with futuristic blasters and state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets. At the end of the virtual reality experience, visitors are able to see and compare scores.

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