Located in Sacramento, California, the Crocker Art Museum is home to one of the most diverse and expansive art collections in the United States. Visitors can view five permanent attractions that showcase a variety of art forms from different regions.

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© Crocker Art Museum

Judge Edwin B. Crocker purchased a piece of property between 3rd and O Streets in 1868. After purchasing the property, Crocker hired Seth Babson, a renowned architect, to renovate the existing home into a magnificent mansion. Crocker also wanted Babson to create a gallery that was next to the mansion, the he could efficiently and adequately display his family’s extensive art collection.

Although Crocker wanted Babson to create a separate building for a gallery, Babson envisioned the gallery to blend with the mansion. So, the gallery included various rooms, exhibit spaces, a skating rink, and even a bowling alley. Although the Crocker mansion was completed in 1872, it underwent many reconstructions and renovations. During one of the renovations in 1978, the Crocker mansion was officially recognized as the Crocker Art Museum in California. Finally, a final renovation was completed in 1989 which demolished the Herold Wing, and turned the entire interior into a modernized gallery.

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2.Permanent Attractions

Permanent Attractions
© Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum is home to five permanent attractions that showcase a variety of art forms from different regions.

American Art before 1945 originated from Judge E. B. Crocker and is wife, Margaret Crocker, within the 1870s. Although the entire exhibit showcases American art before 1945, the bulk of the exhibit focuses on Californian art from this time period.

American Art after 1945 showcases how American art transformed into modernism and contemporary art forms. Some highlighted pieces of art include; Wayne Thiebaud’s Boston Cremes, Ruth Bernhard’s Classic Toso, Romare Howard Bearden’s Mother and Child, and Luis Jimenez’s Progress II.

European Art is located on the Crocker Art Museum’s third floor and features some of the original European art collection from the Crocker family. Many of the highlighted pieces in this exhibit come from the Crocker collection when they traveled in Europe throughout 1869 to 1871. Some of the highlights of this exhibit include; Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 17th century, Italian Baroque art, Dutch paintings from the 19th century, and Central European art from the 19th century.

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3.Special Attractions

Special Attractions
© Crocker Art Museum

Like most renowned museums, the Crocker Art Museum houses special attractions throughout the year. Many of the special attractions at the Crocker Art Museum are seasonal. So, be sure to check the Crocker Art Museum’s website every few months.

Reuniting the Masters features a variety of drawings from different collections that have traveled across the world. Although these drawings come from different collections, time periods, art forms, and artists, they all share a common ideology or perception. Thus, these magnetic drawings create the perfect comprehensive special exhibition. This exhibit is available until February 5, 2017.

A Show of Force captures some of the late Allan Houser’s most magnificent sculptures. Most of Houser’s modernist sculptures featured themes about Native Americans and political opinions. Visitors can explore this exhibit until February 26, 2017.

Highest Heaven features approximately 107 pieces of art work that demonstrate the development, spread, and significance of Catholic faith throughout history. Specifically, this exhibit focuses on the impact of Catholic faith throughout South America during colonial possessions. This exhibit will be on display until January 22, 2017.

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4.Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities
© Crocker Art Museum

Education is extremely important to the members of the Crocker Art Museum. This is shown within the museum’s extensive availability of educational opportunities. The Crocker Art Museum specifically has a wide array of educational programs for school-aged children. Schools have the option of going on a typical guided tour, or going on a tour that also includes a special class led by a trained professional artist. Some of the off-site educational opportunities the Crocker Art Museum has for schools include Art Ark, Artist-to-Go, and Crocker-to-Go. Each of those off-site opportunities enable schools to learn about art and the Crocker Art Museum through a traveling museum representative.

The Crocker Art Museum also offers a variety of studio classes for people of all ages. These classes are continuously changing, so check the Crocker Art Museum’s website if you are interested in participating in a studio class. Typical studio classes include; art history, lectures, how to create a certain art form, seasonal based classes, and holiday themed classes.

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216 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814, Phone: 916-808-7000

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