Craft Los Angeles is a restaurant that offers diners the opportunity to feel like they're eating at a home away from home. Craft Los Angeles is the second location of the Craft franchise. This Los Angeles location was opened in 2007. Carrying on the concept of at-home dining, Craft Los Angeles wants its customers to feel comfortable. When people feel comfortable, they enjoy their surroundings, and they have a better dining experience. The combination of the homey atmosphere with the shared dining experience, where food is served to the center of the table for guests to share amongst themselves, is what makes Craft Los Angeles the special gem that it is.

Restaurant Hours

Craft Los Angeles is open 6 days a week.


Reservations for Craft Los Angeles can be made online via OpenTable or by contacting the restaurant directly at (310) 279-4180.


The menu at Craft Los Angeles is changeable to reflect the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients available. Craft Los Angeles serves lunch and dinner options along with decadent desserts. Diners can also enjoy a wide assortment of non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic beverages while dining. Some of the menu offerings are as follows:

· Lunch - First Course: Oysters on a half shell, flatbread with burrata, avocado salad, pork belly and more; main course: BBQ duck salad or chicken salad, rigatoni, spaghetti, soft shell crab, and more; table shareables: roasted chicken, duck breast, or beef short rib; vegetables, mushrooms, and potatoes prepared in various styles; prix fixe menu (includes first course, main course, and choice of dessert).

· Dinner - First course: oysters, shellfish, salads, meat selection, or a choice of pasta; main course: fish or shellfish offerings such as Alaskan halibut, albacore tuna, king scallops, or diver scallops; meat items that include both roasted and braised selections such as roasted chicken and dry-aged rib eye or braised short ribs; various sides.

· Desserts - Combo desserts, fresh fruit, ice cream and sorbet, cheese, and dessert wine.

· Wine/Drinks/Beers - Bottled ciders and beers, an extensive wine list, and an assortment of cocktails.

Private Dining

Craft Los Angeles offers several private dining venues for special events and occasions for a variety of guest accommodation needs. The private dining spaces available include:

· Private dining room

· Main dining room

· Patio

Craft Los Angeles also offers various menus and packages to complement a private dining experience. More details on private dining services can be obtained by contacting Craft Los Angeles directly at 310-279-4180.


Guests can stay abreast of various events featuring Craft Los Angeles by staying connected via social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and by visiting the Craft Los Angeles website.

Gift Cards

Gift someone the dining experience that feels like eating at home with a Craft Los Angeles gift card. Craft Los Angeles gift cards are available for purchase online via the Craft Los Angeles website.


Craft Los Angeles, 10100 Constellation Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067, Phone: 310-279-4180

(Last Updated on October 7, 2017)

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