The California Surf Museum in Oceanside, CA, is dedicated to capturing, chronicling, and preserving the art, culture, and heritage of the lifestyle sport of surfing for future generations to enjoy. Founded in 1986 by Stuart Resor and Jane Schmauss, the California Surf Museum was originally located in Encinitas, California before moving to Pacific Beach and onto Oceanside where it resides today. The California Surf Museum



Located at 312 Pier View Way in Oceanside close to the Pier, the Museum spans 5,100-square feet and features an array of rotating exhibits and displays that chronicle the history of surfboards and wave-riding, including surfboards and surfing equipment, surf art, surfing memorabilia, photographs, books, magazines, and videos. The Museum is also home to a world-class archive collected over 30 years that comprises one of the world’s richest treasure troves of surfing history. The Museum also hosts an array of annual functions and events, including a three-day Surf Film Festival, fundraising galas, concerts, book signings and more. Things to Do in Oceanside: California Surf Museum - Photo: The California Surf Museum



The California Surf Museum features a fascinating variety of surfing memorabilia, surf art and equipment, photographs, books, magazines, and videos. Early exhibits in the Museum include ‘Iron Men and Wooden Boards’, which documented the contributions of surfing pioneers Bob Simmons, Tom Blake, and Duke Kahanamoku, the Olympic gold-medalist swimmer who is hailed as ‘father of modern surfing.’

Permanent exhibits include ‘A Brief History of Surfboards: Wood, Foam to Fiberglass’, including the original wooden plank surfboards used in Polynesia. ‘Where’s the Surf’ focuses on the Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) that monitors waves and beaches along the coastlines ofAmerica and shows how buoys measure sea surface temperature, wave energy and wave direction.

Long-term displays include ‘Courageous Inspiration: Bethany Hamilton,’ which features a display in honor of Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm when a shark attacked her off the coast of Hawaii and features the surfboard that she was riding, as well as the bathing suit she was wearing at the time. The attractive display tells the heroic story of Bethany and her determination to not only recover from the incident but return to surfing. Things to Do in Oceanside: California Surf Museum - Photo: The California Surf Museum

»More Things to See

More Things to See

‘World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater’s Surfboard’ showcases Kelly Slater’s Al Merrick-shaped model five-fin board known as “Fred Rubble” that he used on the WSL pro tour. Other displays include ‘Surf Wax’ – a comprehensive presentation about the development and evolution of surf wax around the world, including an amazing assortment of waxes ranging from pure paraffin wax to specialized scented waxes. ‘Surfing and Pop Culture’ displays a range of commercial products that have used surfing to sell products such as Barbie and Monopoly.

Special exhibits include ‘Bodysurfing and Hand Planes’ and ‘The Legendary Greg Noll,’ while other interesting objects in the Museum include 55 surfboards hanging from the ceiling, the oldest of which is 104 years old, is seven feet long and weighs over 100 pounds. In comparison, the newest board in the Museum is a 10-foot long, fiberglass board that weighs around four pounds and is owned by world champion surfer Lisa Anderson. An impressive photograph by surfing photographer Myles McGuinness of an eight-foot wave curling gives visitors to the Museum a taste of how it would feel to be surfing a wave. Things to Do in Oceanside: California Surf Museum - Photo: The California Surf Museum

»Visitor Information

Visitor Information

The California Surf Museum is located at 312 Pier View Way in Oceanside and is open daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and until 8:00 pm on Thursday nights. The California Surf Museum offers custom-made tours for groups, school classes, surf clubs and presents educational exhibits about ocean science, hydrodynamics, and the weather.

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Things to Do in Oceanside: California Surf Museum